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Finland lighthouse postcards,
arrange in alphabetical Admiralty order,

Marjaniemi Lighthouse, Admiralty C4142.1

Ulkokalla lighthouse, Admiralty C4192

Tankar lighthouse, Admiralty C4200

postcard was issued by the Finnish Lighthouse Society,
Ritgrund lighthouse, Admiralty C4224

Strömmingsbådan fyr, Admiralty C4294

postcard was issued by the Finnish Lighthouse Society,
Kallo Lighthouse, Admiralty C4376

Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse, Admiralty C4421

Isokari lighthouse, Admiralty C4450

Heponiemi light, Admiralty C4692

Utö Lighthouse, Admiralty number C4736

Turku Maritime Museum lighthouse, Admiralty C4808

Bengtskär Lighthouse, Admiralty C4906

Ruussaari lighthouse, Admiralty C4912

postcard was issued by the Finnish Lighthouse Society,
Gustavsvärn lighthouse, Admiralty C4918.4

Harmaja lighthouse, Admiralty number C5190

Remmarholmen Lighthouse, Admiralty C5195

Kustaanmiekka Front Range light, Admiralty C5196

Lyokin pooki lighthouse,

postcard was issued by the Finnish Lighthouse Society,
Söderskär Lighthouse, ARLHS FIN-057

Åland Islands

Sälskär lighthouse, Admiralty C4466

postcard was issued by the Finnish Lighthouse Society,
Märket lighthouse, ARLHS MAR-001; Admiralty C4472

Åland Islands

Lågskär Lighthouse, Admiralty number C4480

Åland Islands

Marhällan Lighthouse, Admiralty C4490

Åland Islands

Gustaf Dalén Lighthouse, Admiralty C4629



France lighthouse postcards,
arrange in alphabetical Admiralty order,

Feu de Saint-Pol
Dunkerque lighthouse, Amirauté A1118

Calais Lighthouse, Admiralty number A1144

Berck Lighthouse, Admiralty A1202

Phare Onival/Ault Admiralty A1220

Le Tréport lighthouse, Admiralty A1222

Digue Nord Lighhouse, Admiralty A1244

Quillebœf Digue Sud, Admiralty A1324

Ouistreham lighthouse, Admiralty A1377

Cap de la Hague Lighthouse, Admiralty A1512

La Corbière Lighthouse, Admiralty number A1620

Phare le Grand-Léjon, Admiralty A1716

Ploumanac’h Lighthouse, Admiralty A1784

Île Louët Lighthouse, Admiralty A1800.1

La Jument Lighthouse, Admiralty A1848

Kereon lighthouse, Admiralty A1850

Kermorvan common front lighthouse, Admiralty A1874

Phare de Pointe de Saint-Mathieu, Admiralty A1874.1

Pierres Noires lighthouse, Admiralty A1886

the little kitty Lighthouse, Phare du petit minou, Admiralty D0790

Ar Men lighthouse, Admiralty number D0852

Grand phare de l’île de Sein, Admiralty D0856

La Vieille Lighthouse, Admiralty D0870

Phare Eckmuehl, Admiralty D0890

Pointe de Combrit lighthouse, Admiralty D0914.1

Trevignon Lighthouse, Admiralty D0944

Phare de Port Tudy, Nord Mole light, Admiralty D0966

Phare de Port Tudy, east Mole light, Admiralty D0968

Port Maria Lighthouse, Admiralty D1016

La Teignouse Lighthouse, Admiralty D1022

Le Palais lighthouse, Admiralty D1040

Jetée Ouest lighthouse, Admiralty D1044

Les Grands Cardinaux lighthouse, Admiralty D1086

Jetée de l’Ouest Lighthouse, Admiralty D1122

Paimbœuf Mole Head light, Admiralty D1142

Ile d`Yeu, Phare Point des Corbeaux, Admiralty D1186

Armandeche lighthouse, Admiralty number D1196

Jetée Saint Nicolas Head light, Admiralty D1200

Pointe du Grouin du Cou lighthouse, Admiralty D1214

Phare de Baleines, Admiralty D1218

La Rochelle port front lighthouse, Admiralty D1251

La Rochelle lighthouse, Admiralty D1253

Chassiron Lighthouse, Phare de Chassiron, Admiralty D1270

Château d’Oléron Lighthouse, Admiralty D1278.1

Phare de la Cotinière, Admiralty D1286

Cordouan lighthouse, Admiralty number D1300

Pointe de Grave Lighthouse, Admiralty D1310.1

Cap Ferret lighthouse, Admiralty D1378

Môle St.-Louis Lighthouse, Admiralty E0547

Canal du Midi Les Onglous E Jetty Head lighthouse, Admiralty E0568

Phare de l’Espiguette lighthouse, Admiralty number E0586

Château d’If Lighthouse, Admiralty E0676

Port Cassis, Mole Head light, Admiralty E0686

Jetée Nord Lighthouse, Admiralty E0778

Port Haliguen lighthouse, Admiralty ex-D1026

La Perdrix Lighthouse, ARLHS FRA-389



Germany lighthouse postcards,
arrange in alphabetical Admiralty order,

Neuer Leuchtturm Borkum, Admiralty B0970

Norderney lighthouse, Admiralty B1054

Wangerooge Lighthouse, Admiralty B1112

Arngast Lighthouse, Admiralty B1152

Alte Weser lighthouse, Admiralty number B1188

Hohe Weg lighthouse, Admiralty B1198

Bremerhaven, Unterfeuer light, Admiralty B1268

Geeste Vorhafen N Mole Head light, Admiralty B1274

Düne lighthouse, Admiralty B1326.1

Glückstadt lighthouse, Admiralty B1456

Twielenfleth leading lighthouse, Admiralty B1532

Elbe light, Somfletherwisch, Admiralty B1534,

Wittenbergen lighthouse, Admiralty B1568

Büsum Lighthouse, Admiralty B1606

St. Peter-Böhl lighthouse, St. Peter-Ording, Admiralty B1624

Westerheversand Lighthouse, Admiralty number B1652

Pellworm Lighthouse, Admiralty B1676.1

Amrum Lighthouse, Admiralty number B1686

Nordmarsch lighthouse, Admiralty B1700

Olhörn lighthouse, Admiralty B1704

Quermarkenfeuer Norddorf light, Admiralty B1728

Hörnum lighthouse, Admiralty B1735

Kampen lighthouse, Admiralty number B1740

Sylt, N end List West, Admiralty B1746

List East lighthouse, Admiralty B1748

Schleimünde N Mole Head light, Admiralty C1186

Eckernförde harbor lighthouse, Admiralty C1210

Kiel lighthouse, Admiralty C1215

Bülk Lighthouse, Admiralty number C1216

Friedrichsort Lighthouse, Admiralty C1230

Holtenau Nord, Nord-Ostsee-Kanal lighthouse, Admiralty C1246

Neuland Lighthouse, Admiralty number C1276

Fehmarn lighthouse, Admiralty C1280

Staberhuk lighthouse, Admiralty C1286

Flügge Lighthouse on Fehmarn island, Admiralty C1288.1

Dahmeshoved Lighthouse, Admiralty C1342

Timmendorf lighthouse, Admiralty C1386

Buk Lighthouse, Admiralty C1400

Warnemünde Lighthouse, Admiralty number C1404

Warnemünde Hafen W Mole Head light, Admiralty C1405

Warnemünde Hafen E Mole Head light, Admiralty C1405.1

Darsser Ort Lighthouse, Darßer Ort lighthouse, Admiralty C1440

Gellen lighthouse, Hiddensee Island, Admiralty C2586

Dornbusch Lighthouse, Admiralty number C2588

cap arcona lighthouse, Admiralty number C2592

Saßnitz Ostmole Lighthouse, Admiralty C2602

Greifswalder Oie Lighthouse, Admiralty C2662

Brinkamahof lighthouse,

Bunthaus Lighthouse,

Borkum Kleiner Lighthouse, Admiralty ex-B0972

Falshöft Lighthouse, Inactive, Admiralty ex-C1108

Lindau Lighthouse,

Moritzburg Lighthouse,

Pilsum Lighthouse,

Roter Sand lighthouse,

Rotes Kliff lighthouse,

Karnin/Usedom Lighthouse, ARLHS FED-274


φάρος, lighthouse,

Ákra Skinári lighthouse, Admiraty N3984

Kranai Lighthouse, Admiralty N4052

Akrotiri lighthouse, Admiralty N4266

Tourlitis Lighthouse, Admiralty N4334
Aegean Islands, Greece,

Alexandroupolis lighthouse, Admiralty N4554

Rhodos / Agios Nikolaos lighthouse, Admiralty N4744

Chaniá lighthouse, Admiralty N4781

Old Réthymno lighthouse, ARLHS CRE-009

Patras Lighthouse Replica, Admiralty ex-E3920


vita, lighthouse,

Holmsberg Lighthouse, Admiralty L4483

new Garðskagi Lighthouse, Admiralty L4480

Akranes Lighthouse, Admiralty L4520

Svörtuloft Lighthouse, Admiralty L4538,

Krossnes lighthouse, Admiralty L4544

Súgandisey Lighthouse, Admiralty L4554

Óshólar lighthouse, Admiralty L4580

Selsker Lighthouse, Admiralty L4608

Skarðsviti Lighthouse, Admiralty L4628

Sauðanes Lighthouse, Admiralty L4652

Svalbarðseyrarviti lighthouse, Admiralty L4668

Hafnarnes Lighthouse, Admiralty L4738

Æðarsteinn lighthouse, Admiralty L4754

Dyrholaey lighthouse, Admiralty L4780

reykjanesviti lighthouse, Admiralty number L4828


प्रकाशस्तंभ, lighthouse,

India lighthouse exhibition hall,

Muttom Lighthouse, Admiralty F0724

Kaup lighthouse, Admiralty F0658

Alleppey lighthouse, 1862, Admiralty F0706

Mahabalipuram Lighthouse, Admiralty number F0932

Fort Aguada lighthouse, 1864, Inactive.

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teach solais

Ireland lighthouse postcards,
arrange in alphabetical Admiralty order,

Fastnet Lighthouses, Admiralty A5702

Old Head of Kinsale Lighthouse, Admiralty A5710

Roches Point Lighthouse, Admiralty A5718

Youghal Lighthouse, Admiralty A5776

Hook Head Lighthouse, Admiralty A5798

Dún Laoghaire West lighthouse, Admiralty A5874

Fanad Head Lighthouse, Admiralty number A6168

Arranmore Lighthouse, Admiralty A6208

St. John’s Point Lighthouse, Admiralty A6222

Black Rock lighthouse, Admiralty A6232

Black Head Lighthouse, Admiralty A6332

Inis Oirr (Inisheer) Lighthouse, Admiralty A6334

Loop Head Lighthouse, Admiralty A6338

Sheep’s Head Lighthouse, Admiralty A6432

Ardnakinna Point Lighthouse, Admiralty A6434

Mutton Island lighthouse, ARLHS IRE-107

old Howth Harbour Lighthouse, ARLHS IRE-126



Palau Lighthouse, Admiralty E0988

Capo Spartivento Lighthouse, Admiralty E1072

Gulf of Genoa, Imperia Oneglia Molo Artiglio II° Head light, Admiralty E1162,

Lanterna di Genova lighthouse, Admiralty E1206
The Tallest active Lighthouses, 77 meters,

Punta Carena Lighthouse, Admiralty E1706

Punta Castelluccio lighthouse, Admiralty E1867

Faro di Santa Maria di Leuca, Admiralty E2176

Capo d´Otranto Lighthouse, Admiralty E2178

Molo Margherita Lighthouse, Admiralty E2224

Faro di Murano, Admiralty E2486.1

Faro della Vittoria Collina Gretta, Vittoria Lighthouse, Admiralty E2558

Desenzano del Garda, no N/Admiralty number,



Japan lighthouse postcards,
arrange in alphabetical Admiralty order,

Kanzaki Lighthouse, 御神崎燈塔, Admiralty M4733

Hirakubozaki Lighthouse, 平久保崎燈塔, Admiralty M4734

Cape Toi-misaki Lighthouse, 都井岬燈塔, Admiralty M4860

Mizunoko shima lighthouse, 水ノ子島燈塔, Admiralty M4912

Sada cape Lighthouse, Ehime Prefecture, 佐田岬燈塔, Admiralty M5424

Muroto cape Lighthouse, 室戸岬燈塔, Admiralty M5586

Cape Ashizuri lighthouse, 足摺岬燈塔, Admiralty M5602

Oriental Hotel lighthouse, メリケンパークオリエンタルホテル灯, Admiralty M5854

Shiono-misaki Lighthouse, 潮岬燈塔, Admiralty number M5994

Daiosaki Lighthouse, 大王埼燈塔, Admiralty M6036

Anori saki lighthouse, 安乘埼燈塔, Admiralty M6042

Kami Shima lighthouse, 神島燈塔, Admiralty M6051

Irago Cape lighthouse, 伊良湖岬燈塔, Admiralty M6052

Omaezaki lighthouse, 御前埼燈塔, Admiralty number M6228

Shimizu lighthouse, 清水燈塔, Admiralty M6248

Irozaki Lighthouse, 石廊崎燈塔, Admiralty number M6270

Tsumekizaki lighthouse, 爪木埼燈塔, Admiralty M6296

Shonan Ko lighthouse, 湘南港燈塔, Admiralty M6333

Jōgashima Lighthouse, 城ヶ島燈塔, Admiralty M6343

Kannonzaki Lighthouse, 觀音埼燈塔, Admiralty M6360

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Inubōsaki Lighthouse, 犬吠埼燈塔, Admiralty number M6478

Tappi Saki Lighthouse, 龍飛埼燈塔, Admiralty M6662

Chikiu Cape Lighthouse, 地球岬燈塔, Admiralty M6745

Tomakomai lighthouse, 苫小牧燈塔, Admiralty M6772

Cape Erimo lighthouse, 襟裳岬燈塔, Admiralty M6802

Nosappu Misaki lighthouse, 納沙布岬燈塔, 國際燈塔編碼 M6840號,

Monbetsu lighthouse, 紋別燈塔, Admiralty M6885

Otoineppumisaki lighthouse, 音稻府岬燈塔, Admiralty M6893.6

Hamaonishibetsu lighthouse, 濱鬼志別燈塔, Admiralty M6895.4

Soya lighthouse, 宗谷岬燈塔, Admiralty M6896

Mashike lighthouse, 增毛燈塔, Admiralty M6970

Rokugozaki lighthouse, 祿剛埼燈塔, Admiralty M7196

Izumo Hino Misaki lighthouse, 出雲日御碕燈塔, Admiralty M7334

Tsunoshima Lighthouse, 角島燈塔, Admiralty M7397

Awasaki lighthouse, 安房埼燈塔,

Sakai Lighthouse,




Klaipėda Lighthouse, Admiralty number C3346

Pervalka Lighthouse, ARLHS LIT-005

Uostadvaris lighthouse, ARLHS LIT-007

Nida, east Marina breakwater lighthouse, N/Admiralty number,

Nida, west Marina breakwater lighthouse, N/Admiralty number,


rumah api, lighthouse,

Pulau Rimau Lighthouse, Admiralty F1540

Kuala Selangor Lighthouse, Altingsburg Lighthouse, Admiralty F1578

Pulau Angsa Lighthouse, Admiralty F1586

One Fathom Bank Lighthouse, Admiralty number F1616

Cape Rachado Lighthouse, Admiralty number F1626

Teluk Telaga lighthouse, (unofficial),


vuurtoren, lighthouse,

Wielingen Nieuwe Sluis, Sea Dyke light, Admiralty B0166.1

Short Westkapelle lighthouse, Admiralty B0173.9

Tall lighthouse of Westkapelle, Admiralty B0174

West Schouwen Lighthouse, Admiralty B0500

Westhoofd (Ouddorp) Lighthouse, Admiralty B0518

hellevoetsluis lighthouse, Admiralty B0536

Scheveningen Lighthouse, Admiralty number B0750

Noordwijk aan Zee Lighthouse, Admiralty B0760

Lage vuurtoren van IJmuiden lighthouse, Admiralty B0766

IJmuiden Range Rear Lighthouse, Admiralty B0766.1

Haven van IJmuiden, N Breakwater Head light, Admiralty B0768

J.C.J. van Speijk Lighthouse, Admiralty number B0842

Lange Jaap lighthouse, Admiralty B0858

Eierland Lighthouse, Admiralty number B0886

Vlieland lighthouse, Admiralty B0894

Harlingen Lighthouse, Admiralty number B0914.2

Ameland W end lighthouse, Admiralty B0920

Schiermonnikoog “Noorder” Lighthouse, Admiralty B0938

Marken lighthouse, ARLHS NET-017

Schiermonnikoog “Zuider” Lighthouse, ARHLS NET-022

Urk Lighthouse, ARLHS NET-026

New Zealand,

New Zealand lighthouse exhibition hall,

Cape Reinga Lighthouse, Admiralty number K3688

Tiritiri Matangi Lighthouse, Admiralty K3740

Castle Point Lighthouse, Admiralty number K3994

Cape Palliser Lighthouse, Admiralty number K4000

Cape Egmont Lighthouse, Admiralty number K4088

Taiaroa Head Lighthouse, Admiralty K4364

Waipapa Point Lighthouse, Admiralty number K4384

Akaroa Head Lighthouse, Admiralty ex-K4314



Stangholmen Lighthouse, Admiralty number B2726

Sandvigodden fyr, Admiralty B2804

Lindesnes Lighthouse, Admiralty number B3058.1

Lista Lighthouse, Admiralty number B3112

Eigerøy Fyr, Admiralty B3184

Obrestad Lighthouse, Admiralty number B3220

Bragen Lighthouse, Admiralty B3262

Kvassheim Lighthouse, Admiralty B3217, the left small one,

Kvitsøy Lighthouse, Admiralty number B3246

Slåtterøy Lighthouse, Admiralty number B3752

Godøy NW Point, Alnes fyr, Admiralty L0832

Haugjegla Lighthouse, Admiralty number L1362

Kjeungskjær Lighthouse, Admiralty number L1560

Sklinna Lighthouses, Admiralty L1936

Kabelvåg lighthouse, Admiralty L2884

Litløy Lighthouse, Admiralty number L3146

Andenes Lighthouse, Admiralty number L3456

Tungenes lighthouse, Admiralty L3540

Slettnes Lighthouse, Admiralty number L4126
Slettnes Lighthouse is the northernmost mainland lighthouse on Earth,



Puno Lighthouse,
lighthouse at the western end of the lake Titicaca,
(the most top elevation lighthouse all over the world ?)


latarnia morska, lighthouse,

Niechorze lighthouse, Admiralty C2904

Kolobrzeg Lighthouse, E Mole, Admiralty C2906

Gąski Lighthouse, Admiralty C2914

Ustka Lighthouse, Admiralty C2930

Stilo lighthouse, Admiralty number C2954

Hel lighthouse, Admiralty number C2968



Portugal lighthouse postcards,
arrange in alphabetical Admiralty order,

Aveiro Lighthouse, Admiralty D2056

Canal de Mira Ldg Lts front light, Admiralty D2059

Faro Panedo da Saudade, Admiralty D2072

Berlenga Lighthouse, Admiralty D2086

Cabo Da Roca Lighthouse, Admiralty number D2108

Santa Marta Lighthouse, Admiralty number D2118

Cabo Espichel Lighthouse, Admiralty D2139

Cape St. Vincent lighthouse,
Farol do Cabo San Vincente, Admiralty number D2168

Farol da Ponta da Piedade, Admiralty D2174

Algarve, Portimao, West mole light, Admiralty D2179

Cabo de Santa Maria Lighthouse, Admiralty D2206

Tavira, W Mole Head light, Admiralty D2235

Farol Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Admiralty D2246

Gonçalo Velho Lighthouse, Admiralty D2632

Farol de Ponta do Arnel, Admiralty D2640

Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse, Admiralty D2752

Cacilhas Lighthouse, ARLHS POR-082

Farolim de Felgueiras, North Breakwater light, Admiralty Ex D2046


маяк, lighthouse,

Rodsher lighthouse, Admiralty C3932

Kronstadt lighthouses, Admiralty C4020.1

Morskoy Kanal Front lighthouse, Admiralty C4059

North Gogland lighthouse, Admiralty C5374

Cape Povorotnyy lighthouse, Admiralty C5506

Doobskiy lighthouse, Admiralty E5636

Tsyp-Navolokskiy lighthouse, Admiralty L6082

Kashkarantsy lighthouse, Admiralty L6610

Svyatoy Nos lighthouse, Admiralty L6534

Egersheld Lighthouse, Admiralty M7479

Mys Sysoyeva Light, Admiralty M7528

Mys Cape Brinera lighthouse, Admiralty M7610

Cape Slepikovskiy lighthouse, Admiralty M7738
1934 build by Japanese,

Petropavlovsk ligthhouse, Admiralty M8069

Anapa lighthouse, Admiralty N5618

Big Utrish memorial lighthouse, Admiralty N5632

Sochi Severniy Breakwater Light, Admiralty N5689

Port Imeretinsky, West Front light, Admiralty N5699.52

Fort Kronshlot lighthouse, Admiralty ex-C4012

Fort Nikolai Range Front Light, ARLHS ERU-314

Murmansk memorial lighthouse,

Turka lighthouse,


Tarkhankut Lighthouse, Admiralty number N5278


Yevpatoriiskyi Lighthouse, Yevpatoriya Lighthouse, Admiralty N5282


Yalta Lighthouse, Admiralty N5320


Meganom Lighthouse, Admiralty N5330


Illinskyi Lighthouse, Mayak Il’inskiy lighthouse, Admiralty N5340

Кыз-Аульский маяк,
Kyz-Aul lighthouse, Admiralty N5358


Yenikal’skiy lighthouse, Admiralty N5422

South Africa,

South Africa lighthouse exhibition hall,

Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, Admiralty number D6370

Cape Recife lighthouse, Port Elizabeth, Admiralty D6390

Umhlanga Rocks lighthouse, Admiralty D6480

Cape Columbine lighthouse, Admiralty D5810

Robben Island lighthouse, Admiralty D5870

Green Point Lighthouse, Admiralty number D5900

Cape St. Blaize lighthouse, Admiralty number D6378

old Cape of Good Hope lighthouse, ARLHS SAF-008

The Hill Lighthouse, port Elizabeth, decommissioned 1973-10-31

South Korea

등대, lighthouse,

어청도, Eocheongdo lighthouse, Admiralty M4188

Jindo, 하조도, 下鳥島燈塔, Hajodo Lighthouse, Admiralty M4245

Jeju island, Iho Hang West Breakwater lighthouse, Admiralty M4265.56

소매물도 등대, 小蕎麥島燈塔, 小美勿島燈塔, Somaemuldo Lighthouse, Admiralty M4332

영도등대, 影島燈塔, Yeongdo Lighthouse, Admiralty M4356

Songjeong Harbor, South Breakwater light, Admiralty M4375.71

蔚氣燈塔, Ulgi Lighthouse, Admiralty M4394

성산포, 成山浦, Seongsanpo, North Breakwater East Head Light, Admiralty M4272.35

뚝생곶, Tuksaenggot lighthouse, Admiralty M4271.5