LGBTQ+ Pride flag & stamp Lottery 🏳️‍🌈

Hi Everyone, Given that it’s Pride month around the world, I’m happy to offer 10 of these newer Pride flags with one of our Marriage Equality stamps and a k.d. lang stamp as well for this lottery.

Please add your ID name & number below & tell me or show me (with a picture) why LGBTQ+ rights or pride are important to you.

You need to answer this question to be eligible to win this lottery.

This lottery will close on Sunday, June 13th at 12noon EDT.

Happy Pride Everyone! :rainbow_flag: :rainbow: :unicorn:

This flag was designed by Daniel Quasar in 2018, it features black and brown stripes to represent people of colour, and baby blue, pink and white to include the trans flag in its design.

k.d. lang is an amazing Canadian singer & an icon & activist in the LGBTQ+ movement. (Yes, she spells her name using lower case letters)

And also I’m happy to send the card in an envelope with the marriage equality stamp on the card if that’s preferable to you.

Marriage Equality Stamp


#01 Uknowan

I believe that love shd always be regardless of age, gender, looks, beliefs and religion. Love is Love. There should be nothing else attached to it.

Thank U for the lottery.


#02 lauranalanthalasa

:rainbow_flag: :heart: Love is Love :heart: :rainbow_flag:

Thank you for the lottery :pray:


#3 whitefroststreetboi

LGBTQ rights are important because no one should be discriminated based on preferences. If love can trascend all other boundaries like age, height, race… why not sexual orientation? Why should that be different from any other factors?

Thanks for the lottery! :grin::rainbow_flag:


#4 alemrl

I believe in freedom and love above all, therefore LGBTQ rights are in my opinion something essential in any society that can be defined as free and fair.
Thanks for the lottery!


#5 @postmypost

Thank you for the lottery! I think LGBTQ+ rights are extremely important, especially in this day and age: we think we are so modern and advanced, and yet we keep fighting about who has the right to marry, grrr!
There are many people who do not fit the gender binary and defy the standardized expectations of our bigoted society and it’s important to: recognize they exist, accept them for who they are and normalize the way they live their lives.


#6 @NatM Beautiful stamp :heart_eyes:. Thanks for the lottery. LGBTQ rights are important because I believe that all humans should have equal opportunities and should not face discrimination.

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#7 @Beachyblonde

Thank you for this lovely lottery! I want my children to grow up knowing that I will love them no matter who they love as long as they treat each other right. Love is Love!!


#8 @pai_crossing
I believe love knows no religion , gender , race etc and all humans have a right to love a person of their choice
The cards and stamps are beautiful
Thank you for the lottery and happy pride month :rainbow_flag:

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#9 Jimmy
Love is love!:rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag::two_hearts:
Thanks for the lottery!
I believe that if we love another,the sex,religion,countries are not a problem!The vital thing is we like each other!
Happy pride month!:rainbow_flag:
I am bisexual but a little gay!

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#10 @aroluna I’m gay :blush:


#11 Yulia0013
I believe that people are inherently bisexual, and everything else is just social stereotypes. Thank you for the lottery!


#12 meidans

Many of my friends are gay, lesbian or biseksual and I know several transgender persons. and I think that there shouldn’t be a difference in how we treat people different because of their lovelife. Everybody is worth to live the life they want to and to love thevperson they want to as long as they don’t harm-hurt anyone.
Thank you for the great lottery


#13 cat2021

For me this is a personal question because I am part of the community and i don’t always feel safe speaking my mind on social media because of society. So I can’t wait for people to be more accepting and the LGBTQ community to feel accepted. We are just people like everyone else. Our sexuality shouldn’t define how we get treated. Teaching kids that it is okay to be themselves and that a parent love is unconditional is a start.

Please be kind. We need more love in this world.

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#14 mchay. pride is important to me because it’s a way to celebrate who we are. people before me have fought for this for a long time. i should not be scared to hold my girlfriends hand but even in a country like i live in that’s not something i feel safe doing everywhere. on a bigger scale, we’re still fighting for lgtbq+ people in countries where there’s a death sentence for being not straight.
i could go on but i’m gonna leave it at this :innocent:

thank you for this lottery!


#15 ilovecoffe
LGBTQ rights are basic human rights for me. Nobody should be discriminated for loving another human. Nobody should be discriminated for changing its gender. We all only have one life and should be able to enjoy it by living it the way we want to (as long as you don’t harm others). Equal rights for everyone are sooo important.
Thanks for the lottery :hugs:


#16 stefbot75

love is love, no matter what, that’s it :grinning:
thank you for the lottery :grinning:

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17 nediam_nori

Many of my friends belong to LGBTQ-“community”, for me they are important and should not be discriminated.
thank you!

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18 taebbig

I think that all humans have the right to live and love the way they want. It is so very important!
Thank you for the great lottery!

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#19 @-AlterEcho-

The world is full of diverse people, despite many claiming it isn’t. No one likes the same everything from music genres to coffee flavors. No one is the same everything from their personality traits to the color of their hair. If those things are valid because they are real, so it is every kind of (consensual) sexual, emotional and gender orientation & expression.

Pride to me is about celebrating all my queerness in a world that wants to believe I’m the only one different, when in fact we are all different in some way. It’s about standing up and pointing that out. It’s about keep fighting for the right to be recognized as a human being, because that’s what LGBTQ+ people are: human beings. LGBTQ+ rights are important because they are human rights. They are my, and yours and everyone else’s, right to be who we are, to feel what we feel, to exist the way we should exist.

Taking from the Star Trek philosophy, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations is what makes this universe so interesting.
As Gene Roddenberry (or was it Spock? :thinking: ) said: “beauty, growth, progress – all result from the union of the unlike. Concord, as much as discord, requires the presence of at least two different notes.

(from here)

:grin: :vulcan_salute: