Keeping getting the same countries

I know that others have said so before, but as a German postcrosser, this topic always makes me a bit sad. Before I came to the Forum, I never even imagined that people would be disappointed to receive a card from or even write a card to Germany because it is a ‘common’ country on Postcrossing. I’m never disappointed to draw Russia, Netherlands, USA (as examples for ‘common’ countries) or to receive cards from there. I really think Postcrossing is more about how nice it is that somebody out there is willing to send a card and say a few friendly words.


Honestly I really enjoy sending cards to Germany because they always travel fast and safely.
Just a bit concerned if they don’t think the UK is exotic enough :slight_smile:

Anyway, Postcrossing is about communication between people, isn’t it?


Being a German member, reading this makes me sad. :disappointed: Postcrossing is my favourite hobby, and as I send many cards, I unfortunately contribute to the big amount of German addresses which are given out to other Postcrossers.


Germans are my second favourite after Finns!

Whatever you do someone will always be disappointed! I once had someone tell me how excited they were to send a card to me in the UK (their favourite country ever etc) but they were sad that I wasn’t actually British.


When I look at the list of my expired/unregistered cards, I see that not one of them went to Germany. Be careful what you wish for, a lot of the more unusual countries aren’t exactly reliable with their mail service.


Maybe this topic is interesting for you :arrow_right: Does the algorithm choose addresses for each postcrossers fairly?


That’s crazy! If it weren’t for expats/immigrants, there would be even more countries we would rarely see circulating in Postcrossing. Plus, the perspectives of people living in places they weren’t born in, are really interesting.


I have to get this of my chest: To me your comment is hugely offensive. You single out german postcrossers as the source of you feeling severely uncomfortable (this is what “cringe” means) and postcrossing not being fun. Nothing I have read on this forum before has made me felt so angry.
I am not sure what your intend of this post was anyway. I mean, you mentioned that you already complained about the “problem” (everything about this is so charming) and you were given an answer. Yet you take to the forum and blow off some steam, causing offence as you go.


(Just kidding)
I know that some users want cards from original countries, but I’ve never heard about wanting senders/receivers from original countries!


You drive on the left hand side, that is definately exotic enough… :rofl:


I have the same issue.

What issue is that?

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You’ve sent the most cards to Finland, a grand total of four. And three to Germany, Netherlands and the US. No cards to Russia. Your 26 sent cards have gone to 16 different countries. What seems to be the problem?


You already know?

I have opposite experience; the more person I get from a country the more I realized there is that I don’t know. It’s like my understanding of how much more there is, grows. Like in any subject or life in general, the more I learn, the more I know that I don’t actually know much at all :laughing: A country, and knowing it, when does it stop? A country is not a stable object, the situation there changes, people have different backgrounds, views, dreams… A German member recently wrote about their worries, and how they are limited in buying flour, they never had experienced it in their life, so I think there is something new one can learn about each country every day. Because some situations are new to them too. Also, when sending, I think about more it’s sharing my life, so it’s not that important where it goes.

If your goal is to collect as many countries as possible, then the direct swaps is good, like others suggested. Then you can choose the country. But to me sounds like you’d prefer an easy way, countries “given” to you and a little accusative when it doesn’t happen like you want. But it’s like many collections, easy to start, but gets harder the more you got.

Maybe also good thing would be, before you draw an address, don’t hope for a rare place, but think, if it’s German, Finland, Russia, will you be happy writing to them? If not, take a break. Don’t drawn an address then. If it’s not fun to you, it might be readable in your cards too. Why make yourself unhappy and maybe the receiver too?

After all I hope it was just bad moment! And some day soon you will be happy writing cards again <3


23.9% of your cards are going to Germany. 3 out of 5 would be 60%. Your math is off. So you draw about the same number (or less) of German addresses as everybody else. (Mine is 23.1% sent to Germany.)

I am also confused as to why you don’t turn off repeated countries to solve your own perceived problem.

By the way, to all the German Postcrossers out there, I love you and really enjoy sending and receiving postcards from the wonderful people on your country.


Reading these comments over and over again makes me really sad. When I started postcrossing, I never thought I’d have a guilty conscience because people might be disappointed just because of my country.
Also, it’s kind of weird to get upset about that issue when you are literally coming from a country with a lot of members itself. It feels like every second card of mine goes to the USA or Russia. Which, by the way, I’ve never been upset about.
But since Germany seems to be the explicit disappointment, I also want to make it clear that written messages are extremely deeply rooted in German culture. The postcard and industrially printed paper are downright German inventions. So I’m assuming that the number of members from Germany will not decrease in the future either. So if you want to keep getting upset about it, I hope you like disappointment. :woman_shrugging:


These comments? It’s basically one person.

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Interesting thing is I haven’t sent much to Germany but received 3 times more from it. :smile: I like postcards to/from Germany because I can write/read in German which I don’t do much otherwise. What is more amazing that I’ve sent one card less to Japan than to Germany, though Japan has much less postcrossers.

The poster was responding directly to that one person who has made multiple comments.


I don’t think she has repeated countries on.
Here is part of her latest sent list:

I have repeated on, and here is part of my latest sent ones:

(Finland can’t send to Russia now :frowning: )