June 8, 2024, McLean, VA Meetup, NAPEX Stamp Show

Thank you to everyone that helped run this meet up and the group of ladies that took ke under their wing as this was my 1st meetup and im a new postcrosser. The friendliness and welcoming was so nice. Thanks again!


@mteton Darrell
Thanks for the meetup postcard.

Seems likes lots attended
Hope it was fun.
Did anyone end up getting the special handstamp as mentioned in the Event blurb?

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Smiles Seaview :partly_sunny:

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That Day Guy featured our meetup postcard on his YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/dfE2VzO_sAw?si=MniU68yOUEqdsofU
Starts at 13:09 minute.


I didn’t end up getting the cancellation for the last day of the show but these were the ones for the first two days :smiling_face:


@potatertot Daisy thank you for sharing. They look amazing!

I got this email today…not sure who wrote the card.

Thank you @LovelyLindaPost and all the Participants. I am happy to get this card.