July - December 2021 RR - Part 1

Hello Fellow Postcrossers :hibiscus:

The idea of this RR is to send a few cards per month, but during one of those months you receive many. It requires a bit of explanation, so here it goes!

Every month, for 6 months, a few participants are randomly selected to receive cards. In that month, they send cards to each other, and all other participants send cards to the selected people of that month. This means that you only need to send 4-5 (or 3-4, if it’s your month) cards each month, but when it’s your lucky month, you will receive 26! This will repeat itself during 6 months, until everybody has been selected.

:point_right: Joining

:white_check_mark: If you want to join please post here.

:white_check_mark: Send me a private message with your address, if you think I don’t have it yet.

:white_check_mark: To participate in this RR, you must be an active and reliable forum member.

:bangbang:If you failed to follow the rules in the previous 6 months RR (i.e. not sending your cards on time, not reporting received/sent cards in a timely manner) you are not legible to join this RR.

:point_right: Check this thread regularly because the host will post announcements and indicate if there are any issues to be resolved before you can join.

:point_right: A few rules:

  • Report here when you send your cards, and when it’s been your lucky month, also the cards you received
  • Everybody will receive a number, please use that number when reporting here (sent and received cards) and also write it on the cards
  • Please write the name of the RR, your username and your number on the card
  • Send cards within two weeks after receiving the addresses
  • Only written & stamped store-bought cards, unless participants request differently in their profile
  • It would be nice if you could check user profiles to see if you can send something that matches their wishlist
  • If you fail to send your cards within two weeks, you will be excluded from further participation. (if you happen to be away during the two weeks in which you are supposed to send a card and will send when you get back, just let me know and it’s no problem)
  • I won’t contact you about missing cards. If you realize that you did not receive cards from some participants after 2 months of being winner, please contact me by U2U (write from who you are still missing cards), and I will contact the people to resent them for you immediately. It is the participants’ responsibility to report their own missing cards. If you don’t contact me about your missing cards after 3 months of being winner (so you have 1 month for contacting me), I will consider and mark that you have received all cards

Once you read everything, come in and join, based on the amount of participants I’ll decide how many groups there would be😊

If you have any questions, you can always write here or pm me🌺



  1. @Nathalie71 :netherlands:

  2. @theosprey247 :us:

  3. @caefae :croatia:

  4. @scooby39 :us:

  5. @TwoDoggies :us:

  6. @cj23 :canada:

  7. @IndigoAngel :australia:

  8. @djctv2020 :india:

  9. @Robinchen :de:

  10. @grizzabella :de:

  11. @Carolien25 :netherlands:

  12. @klabauterin :de:

  13. @NatM :uk:

  14. @vivian-rong :cn:

  15. @Grakallo :de:

  16. @sky-linn :ru:

  17. @azzurri :switzerland:

  18. @Pixiedustlady :us:

  19. @Erinna :de:

  20. @Lleytoncassidy :cn:

  21. @BarbL :us:

  22. @kaelinrae :us:

  23. @Defe :taiwan:

  24. @null11011 :cn:


Reserved for host🌺

Reserved :cherry_blossom:

I would love to join! Please count me in.

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I like to join! You have my address from the january-june RR 2

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I would like to join.

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I am very interested in this format. I read both groups in the past. Sign me up. Glad to announce :))

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I’d love to join again! :smiley:
Thanks for hosting, @Xeniyya. :heart:

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I would like to join again. If possible #17. I don’t know if you have my address, but I just sent it to you :slight_smile: Thank you :heart:

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Hello, may I please join? Address sent.
Thank you!

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I would like to join please. Address sent :blush:

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I’d like to join! Sending my address :slight_smile:

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Yes please I would like to join again :grinning:

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Hi :wave:t2: I’d like to join please

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Hello. May I join? Will send you a PM.

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Please, I’d like to join!

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I’d like to join! Thanks for hosting!

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May I join? You have my address from the previous one! Thank you for taking this on!

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Hi I would love to join.

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