July 3rd 2021 Wanzhou 6.0 Postcrossing Meetup, CHINA

:world_map: PROVINCE: ChongQing
:world_map: CITY: Wanzhou District
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Guanyinqiao Post Office
:calendar: DATE: July 3rd
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10:00 AM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
Bring your own stamps and stationery, write postcards to others, and meet new friends.
Our 5 kinds of meetup postcards are shown below:

1、Harry Potter Series—Hagrid
Our Harry Potters series consist of 3 postcards, this is the second one.

2、“This is Wanzhou” illustration Series—Post Pontoon
The illustration series of “This is Wanzhou” contain 18 kinds of cards, This time’s topic is Post Pontoon.

3、“Colorful XinJiang” photography series—Ghost Town
Ghost Town is the popular name of yardang landform in China. When strong wind blows over these place, you can hear some terrible voice here, so it gets the name.

4、Photography “Pontoon for China Post”
The pontoon floats over the Yantze River near the Wanzhou port, it’s used for the berth of post boat in the waterway.

Waterlily is one kind of lotus, and it’s the most popular flower in the summer. Summer stars in Wanzhou from July, and the days get hotter, sometimes the temperature is higher than 40 centigrade.

6-7、 Hidden Postcard
These 2 postcards is hidden, and we will publish them 1-2 weeks before the meet-up date.

Note for organizers (delete after reading):
- Always specify the timezone of the event when choosing date/time on the “Add Event” menu above.
- Your first post announcing the meeting must be in English, but the rest of the meetup discussion can be conducted in your own language.
- If you’re creating postcards with the Postcrossing logo, make sure to check the Logo Usage Guidelines.