July 13, 2024, Clackamas, Oregon

Hi @dictionary I am interested in purchasing the postcards, but may not be able to make it to this event. Is there an option to do a pickup or to have them sent in an envelope?

I would like to receive such a postcard. My offer https://postcards.framework.by/

Almost time for our event. Please let me know if youd like to pay ahead to reserve cards. Otherwise, see you all Saturday!

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Notice - USA stamp prices go up on Sunday. Might want to stock up. See USPS.com for more details.


@dictionary I think I can make it. I have been waiting for youth baseball tournament bracket times to be posted and it looks like the meetup is between games. :tada:
I’ll send Venmo payment for 30 cards.

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See you there Jeff!

Thanks everyone for a successful Meetup! So great to have new people, meet your kiddos and have fun together.

Stay tuned for our next Meetup in the fall (between September and October).


Thank YOU for organizing … we :heart: U!