Is this considered a postcard?

I received an envelope with a printed piece of paper inside. It is not sturdy or anything like a postcard, it is just a thin piece of paper with an image printed on it and a short message on the other side, you can even see the pen ink passing through the paper into the image.
I am a bit confused about what should I do

Should I report this card or are they allowed?

I know the sender probably had good intentions or is going through a hard time but they just sent a piece of paper.

Thanks for the help!


Please do not register the “card” for the time being.
Write a message to support :arrow_right: Contact us , explaining what you have received and send photos if possible.
Someone from the team will then get back to you and explain whether you need to register the “card” or not.
Please be patient - it may take a few days.

Here is some more reading material for you:


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