Is it wrong to say I won’t register folded cards?

Off topic a little, but if you translate this page to Dutch, it says postcrossing is about "ansichtkaart"s. (But I know people use the English version too.)

But yes, it’s understandable to mix these words earlier mentioned, if you don’t know that there is a difference. Still, we don’t need to carry on pretending they are right, when there is a difference. I can’t see anything bad in correcting them. No one is judging, no one is mean.
And like earlier said, if it’s a newbie, the car gets registered too.

Maybe they stop if someone mentions about not wanting greeting cards :slight_smile:
so there are benefits in having that in the profile.

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I also absolutely agree with this, but the “problem” was about mentioning they won’t register other cards than postcards which I see as a problem and an ignorant statement no matter what postcard actually means.


If they tell it beforehand, what’s ignorant in that? If they would receive it, not register, not tell anyone, that would be ignorant. But telling it in their profile, taking into consideration not everyone are sure what to send, in my eyes it’s thoughtful.

Would it sound better, to add I won’t register other than postcards at once, and only when Postcrossing team decided I should? (And maybe link to guidelines: If you’ve received an item that you feel is unsuitable for the project, you should report it to Postcrossing and we’ll look into it.)

In ideal world, such text would not be needed and everyone knew what is sent here.
Some think repeating rules in their profile is rude, some see it considerate.

Last time I got a greeting card was I think December/January. It looked like used, because someone had signed the card, with different name than the sender. I didn’t register it. I contacted the Postcrossing team, it was old enough member to know what to send. (Now I am thinking, is this from someone who here demands these should be registered :astonished: If is, you can message me and I think I can register it!)

Once I registered a greeting card, because I thought it was from a child, and even though they should be supervised by adult, I thanked about it, and thought I’ll look their profile and maybe mention to their carer. But it was old member, adult. Only “happy postcrossing” and id. It didn’t leave me feeling good.

Yes that is wrong because it is against the rules

What’s ignorant is assuming everyone knows the English definition of a postcard and “punishing” or “warning” people by not registering those cards.
Yes we can argue that they should know the “real” definition and they should know English because it’s the language here, but there are many things people don’t know especially when they start. Many people have profiles in another language, have demands on profiles or misuse the forum. But we can always kindly inform them especially when in many cases I’ve noticed that they are new accounts.

(And now I don’t mean people who are aware of this and send them just because they don’t care. Many people break the rules knowingly or unknowingly and that sucks but we can’t always assume, especially beforehand.)

I agree that if you don’t want to receive them you can say you don’t want folded or greeting cards. I’ve seen many people saying they “want to receive postcards” or “want to receive real cards” and I can see how confusing that could be.
And sure, I guess you can say you won’t register them but I just find that a negative way of experessing something you could say nicer.


Ok. (Interesting that we see this from so different view, this didn’t even come up to my mind.)
I see it that way, that the ones who mention not registering are aware people don’t necessarily know, and that’s why they mention it.

I don’t see any punishment or warning, to me it is neutral.
I can’t even think of a nicer way to say it. I know the “not registering” can sound negative because of the no, but… “Greeting cards are passing my registration process.”? (Not seriously thinking this.)


If they cut off one side of it, it would be a postcard. It is just more material. Here, folded cards cost more anyway.

I would recommend putting a note in your profile stating you would like true postcards, not folded. I’m sure they will follow that as long as they are able to. Afterall, we want our recipients to feel happy when they get the card in the mail.

Yesterday, I sent someone a folded card instead of a regular postcard because of the size. I made a homemade envelope with her favorite animal. It took time and effort. I try my best to send what i believe my recipient will enjoy. On profiles with lists of dislikes or rude demands, I just try and send the closest postcard to what they like, less effort, shorter message and keep it moving. I know rude people tend to stay rude and it’s part of it.


But “I don’t register” sounds unfriendly.


To me also rest of the profile affects how I read it.
Because I know this place is about postcards, it sounds almost the same as “I register only postcards.” I would probably just read and forget it, because I’m not sending anything else.

So how to say it friendlier? Do you know?
(This doesn’t concern me as I don’t have this in my profile, but out of curiousity :slight_smile: )

I think this type situation can be common, when one don’t know English, and it’s ok to say that in your own language, it can turn unfriendly when translated to different language.

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I do not mention that at all. I just mentioned something like “no envelopes please”.
And I think a simple “No folded cards, please.” also sounds friendlier.


Then again, the “No folded cards, please.” can sound like only a wish, which we don’t have to follow.

(This reminds how my boss is often too polite, it’s hard to understand, and I don’t get what I should do or shouldn’t, and then he eventually gets mad because he thinks he said it clearly, and I think he was only talking :laughing:
He can say: “I do that so and so”
To me: “He does it so, doesn’t matter how I do.”
He thinks he said" Please do this like I do."
And now when I know him better, I sometimes remember to ask “do you mean you want me too to do it that way” :smile:)

So as I read this increasingly heated thread it looks like some folks in Europe think of greeting cards and postcards as being the same, which is very interesting. In the US we had a tradition of sending greeting cards for birthday & Christmas, but sending postcards from vacations & travels; I think we understand the difference. But perhaps Paulo needs to add a photo of a postcard (front & back) to the sign up page so new members will better understand that this is a postcard exchange site, not a greeting card or letter group. (There already is a picture of the back in the “how to write postcards” faq but maybe people dont read this). I dont think I have ever received a greeting card in my 10 years here so its not a common mistake, but this thread suggests it happens more than I know.


I don’t think anyone thinks they are the same, but due language differences the word “postcard” can be kind of an umbrella term for both postacards and all types of folded cards.
But yes I do see your point and I agree.


Okay wow some people sound really harsh here. I am quite new here (30 sent and 30 received) and now i feel very very bad for some folded cards that I have sent (not to people who wrote specifically on their profile ‘no folded cards’). I just thought the cards were lovely and postcrossing was about connecting and writing a short message. (My first mistake was a folded card with a long story written on it :joy:)
I just thouht about sending ‘a card’. I am sorry!
But then again, is it that horrific to receive a folded card?


Fwiw, many of us love long messages. I absolutely fill the cards that I send. And there are no rules against that.


It’s very simple, some people like folded cards, others don’t.

We don’t have to think the same about everything.
The endless discussions here on the forum only make me laugh.
Postcrossing is a great hobby for me and I also have plenty of other things in my life. Maybe others take it a little too seriously.


You don’t have to feel bad because others think you’re doing something wrong. Don’t let them spoil your fun in Postcrossing.
Do your own thing.


My first 2 postcards were folded. In my city, the post office, unfortunately, does not sell ordinary postcards. When I first signed up, I didn’t know all the nuances. Now I order postcards in online stores. Then I just didn’t know. I would be very sorry if my postcards were not registered. Many thanks to those people who supported me in my endeavor.


I’ve deleted a bunch of flagged posts on this topic, which were more like side conversations between a few people than constructive contributions to this conversation.

There are some good posts above that sum up the general idea, so I don’t think there’s a need to keep this conversation going in all directions. To wrap it up:

  • It’s ok to remind people you don’t enjoy greeting or folded cards… but there should be no need to threaten that you won’t register something you’ve received.
  • If you have doubts about something you got, talk to the team about it! We’ll have a look to understand what happened, and advise you and the sender accordingly. As we’ve seen here, there are many reasons why sometimes people send greeting cards (often language issues, the person is new and unfamiliar with Postcrossing, they can’t find postcards in the beginning, they found a greeting card that matches one of your wishes and thought you’d appreciate that more, etc)., so understanding what is happening helps to encourage members in the right direction. With some kindness, we can improve the community for everyone!