International mail suspended by Royal Mail

It has been fixed. Royal Mail announced on Wednesday 18th that we could start to send again. As has been mentioned, this is discussed in 4 different threads in the British Isles section of the forum. And others in the UK have started to report postcards they sent after the 11th are beginning to be registered.

There never was a problem with incoming mail. I have received 14 postcards that were sent to me on the 13th.


I can imagine that’s the case. Royal Mail and Post Office Counters are separate companies.

If your Post Office refuse to accept I would point them to the Royal Mail website where it states that items of personal correspondence that do not require a customs declaration (ie postcards/greetings cards/letters) can be accepted. This is in force since 19.00 Wednesday.


There has never been a problem sending into the UK. Indeed in December I often got mail posted abroad faster than mail posted elsewhere in the UK.


I just received a card from a friend in SW England. I sent her a card as well with no issue.

Curious computer glitch, that takes days now to be solved!

I’m curious about how forum topics are joined together or moved. For example, I was reading the new post about the UK not sending international (looks like it was a computer glitch and was fix). In the further chats, people wondered if it was related to the Germany strike and, suddenly, the first topic about UK issues (in the title, too) was moved to a topic with Germany as the header. If you were looking for UK issues, how would you know to find them in a German mail strike topic?

I have the same question about new stamp announcements: they’re all together, each country and the topic gets LONG. Am I supposed to search for some keyword and hope I’ll find the country I’m interested in?

(I still consider myself fairly new here and am trying to learn more about navigation and I’m sure you’ll move this, but I wanted to.point it out in a thread that can highlight it.)


Thank you for bringing that to our attention.
It was indeed a mistake that can happen and I will move it back.
In the closed thread you can see who moved the posts, in this case me, and next time please address that moderator personally so the mistake can be corrected.
I only found your post because another user flagged your post as off-topic.
Thank you for that.


Sorry for moving you topic to the wrong place by mistake.
But I moved it now to another category where we talk about postal infos.

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That’s ok. I just wanted people to be aware. Some overseas items may be sent but straightforward letters and postcards are not. Any that have already been posted are stacked and waiting until the computer gliche is sorted.

No problem with incoming - just outgoing as you say.

Thank you for the info

@Bille Thank you for the quick reply and action. More importantly, please accept my apologies for missing protocol. And, again, this only came to mind after the same situation with posts about new stamps in ALL countries.

I certainly appreciate all monitors and offer my repeated thanks.

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Not a glitch - they were hacked

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Yes, definitely hacked. It was a ransomware thing. @RalfH

But, to reiterate, it has been sorted now. We have been able to post out again since last Wednesday.


Latest update by Royal Mail: 8th of February 2023

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