IndiaPost Price Increase

There has been a price increase that was published in the May 30th gazette. I’m only learning of this now and I thought I’d share it here. I believe the new changes are already in effect but the IndiaPost website (rate calculator) doesn’t reflect these changes.

Edit: New rates can be viewed under the ‘Tariff’ tab:

Postcard Rates

Surface Mail

- Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan - 8 Rs
- APPU Countries(Except Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan) - 10 Rs
- UPU Countries(Except APPU Countries) - 12 Rs


- Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan - 10 Rs
- Other countries - 15 Rs

Letter Rates

Surface Mail

- USA - Upto 20gms - 32Rs
For every additional 20 gms - 22Rs

- Countries except USA - Upto 20gms- 25 Rs
For every additional 20 gms - 15 Rs


Air surcharge table:

Based on this, airmail rates look to be

USA (upto 20gms) - 40Rrs
Australia (upto 20gms) - 33Rs
Countries in Asia (upto 20gms )- 29Rs
Countries in Europe (upto 20gms) - 30Rs
Countries in Africa (upto 20gms) - 30Rs
Countries in South America (upto 20gms) - 35Rs


:disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed:

Yes that’s true… 2 days ago I sent birthday RR and it’s cost me a lot

USA/ Canada -39 ₹
European Union - 29 ₹
Africa - 29 ₹

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The cost of sending postcards still remain the same, I believe, at ₹12 to most countries.