"Incomplete" postcards, and how these are treated officially

I wasn’t writing about you, when I wrote about irresponsible people, or culture, or any that.
Sorry if you thought so.

In my eyes, underpaying is a form of stealing.


Yes that wasn’t asked to you personally, but yet you can answer. With little to no knowledge about the other user’s life. So don’t lecture about lack of interest. Even if you don’t say it, you imply it.

No I don’t lecture, and don’t imply. I think I’m writing very directly?
I mean, some have more interest in detail (for example stamps) than others, and it doesn’t need any effort or special time. I don’t mean any way is better than other. The one who likes to be in cafeteria, is not better than who sips her coffee at home, or the other way around, it’s just different interest. And what interest you, is likely to get more time, and you find time for it, right?
And in no way I am telling every one should be interested in the same thing.
But I just give the view to the life of someone who has that “many” cards received.

But I have to say, your messages feel a little aggressive, so I am not sure if I should answer at all.
Still I answer :hugs:, in case you really were interested how to find time, and if you think it requires much free time.

( Sometimes I have hard time telling if a question is really asked as a question, or just thrown like diminishment “how do you have time, I’m so important and busy I don’t…”. And, not saying you or anyone here meant like that :slight_smile: )


It was asked to me, and I don’t mind @S_Tuulia answering it. Her answer is fitting for what I do and how I feel.

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Sometimes words can be taken as aggressiveness, although I don’t try to diminsh anyone. I was asking this, because I really am interested to know. You see, I am at the 570 postacards field, so yes I would like to know how you or anyone else can handle the time. I want to learn now,before I reach this level myself, so I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Still, when someone mentions different culture,it can be taken as aggressiveness too and so is dragging the origin. But I am not here for arguing.
You can answer any post of mine, that is fine by me. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
Have a nice Sunday

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True! Have to be careful. I meant in way different cultures, different habits, different experiences with if it’s rewarding/normal to give feedback, “police” things etc. In some cultures there’s perhaps more peer pressure to follow the rules, when in other it’s more allowed not to. And of course not one country is only one culture, or some better than the other here either.

(But the postcard amount, many have wondered this, and the time and the money it must take, but it doesn’t. Maybe because I’ve always written letters and cards, I have always taken the time to write something. For me, that is high in the priority list, when for some this is only at the bottom, when everything else is done. But I don’t keep the maximum sending amount. I only write card when I feel like it is fun. (Often) And this is so off topic :laughing: (which I don’t mind))

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Sometimes the old stamps are used by members only to embellish the postcard (it’s very difficult to find stamps here in Italy and you cannot choose most of the time, so if you happen to be given some stamps that are not so pretty you may add some old ones but they’re not counting as a value)

It’s because of that I find difficult to judge if the postcards I received are properly paid, as there are so many rules for each country!


Sometimes, if one has no interest or math skills, there is help provided by for example Royal Mail :rofl: :rofl:


I one saw in one thread about stamps on received cards or something card from my country with stamp that was legit, but outdated, you can’t use it anymore. I wonder how this card managed to get to receiver successfully. It’s it even counts as fraud?

Australia post charges you, the recipient, for the unpaid postage so I’m told.

I’ve never seen a bill, nor received post marked as unpaid total, so I’m going by what the post office counter staff told me happens.

Wow… Just discovered and read the thread.

A few days ago I was wondering about what happened to postcards without enough postage. Letters are, in Spain, returned to the sender but in a postcard… There is no sender address. I’m actually surprised that they arrive, more or less.
I was thinking about that because I sent a postcard to USA with 10 cts. less. I was used to three fares: national, Europe and the world beyond, basically, but a couple of days after posting it I was checking my stamps and realized that there was actually a fourth fare: EEUU, Canada, New Zealand and Japan. I ignore the reason for this. Finally, although I considered that the postmen might show 10 cts. of mercy, the postcrosser shouldn’t depend on that, so I decided to send a second postcard instead. The worst thing that can happen is that two postcards would be delivered to Illinois instead of one, I guess.

Come on! I agree there can be intention in less postage, but, as someone who is in this world just because there has to be a little of everything, I beg you to consider stupidity, ignorance or lapse of attention before bad faith, register the postcard, and bring the matter politely to the sender’s attention in the Hurray message.

Update 12th August: Both arrived. The second one before the first one, and the recipient has been so kind to tell me :smiley:


Yeah I’m just glad I read a couple other posts on this forum site actually…

I use maxicards to ensure that postage is already covered, right? Australian maxicards are prepaid postage anywhere in the world.

Today I learned while checking the world postage rates that my own has changed. I was used to there being just three zones. So I checked it and yes, the forum was more up to date than I was in my own country postage.

As of 1 July there’s now FIVE postage rates. Yep really. So yes you need to check the online list Australia post supplies to let you know which zone the country is in and then pay for postage (international postage stamps or you pay 10% extra if you use our domestic range yes it’s a headache).

I wish it was straightforward like some other countries… Oh and there’s still a lot of countries we can’t mail to. So no address for returns, I’d guess our postcards end up in the dead letter office :thinking:

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Don’t worry, these are always taken in to account :slight_smile: mistakes happen.

But yet it’s always good to let the postcrossing team know, before registering, as if something happens hundred times, it might be intentional.


Wow I just read this whole thread and it’s a WILD RIDE :joy:

I do always look at my stamps, of course, but I only know if it’s correct if it’s from someone in the UK or Ireland sending to me.

How do you know if the value is low if there is no price listed on the stamp? Like the examples below.

I also think that it seems to be cheaper to post from most other European countries as if I count up the Euro value I know roughly the conversion rate (but I’m not expert and quite new to this).

Is this off topic or does anyone know where is the most expensive and most affordable places to post from? Just curious really. I imagine New Zealand and Australia are expensive.

You can check in here

The cheapest one is India

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Stamps from the US and Finland always keep their value even when there is a price change (just like the 1st class and 2nd class stamps in the UK).

US Forever stamps are currently worth $0.55, US Postcard Forever stamps are worth $0.36 right now and Global Forever stamps are worth $1.20.

I think that there are three different price categories in Finland and the value of the stamps is defined by a symbol.

Stamps with a globe symbol are for international posting and are worth 1.95€ and stamps with a map of Finland on them are for domestic posting, their value is 1.85€. There is also a snowflake symbol (special Christmas rate).
You can always check the rates in the wiki as @yudi said, but after doing postcrossing for some time, you will probably memorize the rates for the most active countries (I do know some rates after doing postcrossing for almost four years now, but I can’t speak for everyone :sweat_smile:)
Edit: @S_Tuulia @sannah82 I have corrected my mistakes with the postage pricing. Thank you for your corrections! :pray:t3:

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The one with Finnish symbol is also enough for international mail in economy class, or part of priority postage, when you have to add 0,10 € stamp.

(The prices now are 1,85 € in Finland and 1,95 € international)

But yes, after some time in Postcrossing or any mail hobby, it’s easy to get used to seeing certain kind of stamps or stamp combinations. Something you just “see” and don’t have to hunt for :slight_smile:


Lovely stamp!!

Oh wow, another price change? I think Posti makes it quite hard to do Postcrossing in Finland :frowning_face:


You are very knowledgeable! Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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