"Incomplete" postcards, and how these are treated officially

No, it was a German ID

Okay, that is weird then. Why stick a low-value stamp from another country? :question:

Missing ID reminder mails are only send to people with less than 100 sent cards.


To cheat, not pay postage nearly at all, so they afford to send more cards, and get more cards, I think.

(But, I remember first time getting a card via that sending service (which I don’t care for), I didn’t know about it, and the card only had used stamp, a cancellation with a date before the card was sent on the stamp (of course). That made me confused :laughing:. But the team solved it. I think it might be wise to write something about that, like “I’m using a third party service and the stamp is only decoration”.)

(Edit. deleted part that is rather off topic)

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Yes he is to blame. But what about the one who lets him/her do that continuously?

Isn’t there any kind of system to check the stamps? Because if not, then that is even worse,since the sender may choose not to send any stamp at all.

@Axolotl_ of course it should be discouraged, but postal services share equal amount of responsibility.

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In Germany, machines check if there’s a stamp. But if there’s a machine stamp of too low value, that’s a stamp - just not the correct amount. I don’t know if it’d be possible to implement a system that can check if the stamp has the correct value. If a human sees this mail item, they’ll probably take it out of the mail stream. But as I said, in Germany probably no human will ever see this piece of mail until delivery. It’s highly automated.

But still, your argument feels like “If nobody prevents you from stealing at a store, it’s their fault if you steal something”. :confused: I don’t share this point of view.


This is two of the fakes I have received. In both cases I was told to not register.


I don’t know who in this case is the one who lets him do this? Me, as a recipient? Or the mailing machine? Mail carrier?
Yes, they make it possible, if they don’t report it, or throw it away (if a normal person notices it and there’s no way to return it to the sender), but they are also victims, but the main fault is always with the original “wrong doer”.

Like if you kill someone, but no one finds the body, even the police, it’s not any one elses fault, but the killers. Yes, I’m exaggerating :smile: but the same principle.


No my argument is that “if there is no precaution taken to prevent anyone from even trying to steal, then you have a fault too”. It is a bit different from what you understand


That’s exactly what I understood, maybe my wording was misleading. But I still don’t agree. I think we won’t find a common point here.

We can agree to disagree here. :+1:t2::sweat_smile:

You may wish to disagree, but yet, I beleive there should have been a way to prevent it. Mistakes happen,yes, but if someone does this continuously, then there is something wrong in the proccess too. That is what I am saying. I am not saying I like it. I have never done it and I will never do it either. I totally discourage it, but yet, something needs to be done to stop this.

Even considering Spaniard postal rates have been raised a lot in the past years, (right now, 1.90 € to send a single postcard to USA, Japan, NZ or Australia), I would never try to send a postcard using a fake stamp.

Wondering how those fake stamps goes through the postal services and still reach destination.

People have some nerves…


I always worry about some over-eager “postage police” recipient reporting me to Postcrossing for postage fraud when I send maxi cards, even though I have it in writing from Norway Post that this is the correct way to do it.

I’m sending this card as an official to France today. This is legal postage.

Here’s why:

It’s a maxi card for a stamp with what is the current postage to Europe. I’ve already paid for the stamp and not actually used it, so I do not have to pay for it again.

If the stamp on the maxi card is worth less than current postage, you add the % sign and the necessary additional postage.


I think Postcrossing team won’t “judge” you without making sure it’s correct. The reporting is not bad, they are maybe just worried if it’s the right way, and they can then ask you, and everyone becomes wiser.

But, I also worry about maxi cards. Here, the stamp in front is not enough. Some cards have “postage paid” marking. They have very different styles, like this:

But not all have this.
Also, we have postage paid cards, and I feel these are expired more than normal. :frowning:
And, we have lots of stamps that look like stickers. Also stamps from rolls (at the end) are sometimes wrinkled, and they look maybe fake.

From what I have read the post has to deliver everything. When there is not enough postage (or no postage at all), the receiver should pay the difference. However, in case of domestic mail it is not worth it to extort money for a postcard and in case of mail to abroad it is not even possible. Everything that for exampe Czech post receives from abroad is expected to be paid for properly. There is no way Czech post would check what a postage for a letter from Canada is and whether it was paid. So the local post must forward the postcard even if it is not paid for and the foreign post just delivers it.

By the way, STS means student-to-student. But it seems it doesn’t really matter. It is no official service.

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Or soldier-to-soldier('s family). Somehow or other, both explanations for the STS are persistent myths or legends and officially not accepted to send postcards without stamps and therefore for free.

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Don’t worry, the Postcrossing team knows about this and asks every time if the card is a maxi card. :slight_smile:

That is interesting, I’m pretty sure I received a card that had stamps both in lire and euros! (Sent to me in Singapore, so not at a time when I was in Italy). I guess noone realised…

To answer the original question, I’m pretty sure that if you don’t register something because the admins told you not to, that card will look like any unregistered/travelling card - why would it be otherwise? :slight_smile: