I'm going on Vacation RR

Hello and Welcome back to the I’m going on Vacation RR !!!

( temporarily we call it I’m (NOT) going on vacation RR )

Lets’ start the season No.3 :slight_smile:


Season No.1 - 2010-2014 hosted by masito
Season No.2 - 2015-2020 hosted by me, Backapack a.k.a. myliu_Lietuva and my daughter Ozkyte.


When a postcrosser is going to spend his/her vacations abroad (or even in another region of his/her own country) and would like to send some postcards can share the offer here:cool:

If you’d like to open a new group,
please don’t write it in thread, just u2u me your address and tell
- where you’re going,
- how many card will you send
- the deadline to get the addresses
- your requests for returns cards (don’t be too specific)
- the requirements for the participants of your group (please avoid the 1x country limit, if possible)
Please send requests for new groups at least one week in advance.

If you want to join
please write* in the thread and send me a u2u with your address (if you think I don’t already have)

*you have to number your entry (like a lottery, i.e. Group 47 - #3 or Group 50 - #14 and so on…) so you just have to check a few posts above yours (the last person who joined the same group) and know if there’s still place free. Wrong entries will not be considered!

To let the chance to more different users to join,
you can’t join more than 2 groups in a row (i.e. if you joined both groups 66 and 67, you can’t join group 68)

The requests for return cards have to be respected. Of course when it goes of favorites cards, it can also be a similar one (if you are unsure, you can agree via u2u with the host).

Please send your card within 10 days of receiving the addresses via U2U.
Please post in the thread when you send/resend and receive cards.
Re-sending is possible after 2 months.
Let me know If you don’t need a re-send,
or if you would like to be an Angel:saint: and send a card if someone is non-active for longer time (I will give you the address).

If you have any questions or concerns,
please send me a u2u. I usually reply within a day or two

Sincerely yours,



… coming soon …

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( updated up to 13/3/2021 )

Group 1 - BELGIUM. - CLOSED, addresses sent 03-03-2021.


  • You can pick from here mentioning A, B, C …
  • 2x MOTW of Belgium,
  • 2x FOTW of Belgium,
  • 1x WT of Belgium.
    In return: something from Profile or Favourites.
    Host: sanniekru - SENT ALL(3) REC(2) #2,3.
  1. So_nata (MOTW) - SENT
  2. blue44 (card C -map card of La Roche, w&s ) - SENT/REC
  3. thuegirl (FOTW of Belgium) - SENT/REC

Group 2 - different countries (sent from Germany).- CLOSED, addresses sent 03-03-2021.

Options for every card could be:
A) unwritten in envelope from Germany
B) written in envelope from Germany
C) written and stamped from Germany
D) with used stamps from fitting country in envelope from Germany (only possible for more common countries).
Offer: cards of different countries:
1 x Norway, 2 x Sweden, 2 x Denmark, 1 x Ethiopia, 1 x Georgia, 1 x Alaska, US, 1 x Croatia,
1 x Bulgaria, 2 x Korea (South), 1 x Iceland, 1 x Malta, 1 x Trinidad & Tobago, 1 x Israel, 1 x United Arab Emirates, 1 x Costa Rica, 1 x Seychelles, 1 x Madagaskar, 1 x Saudi Arabia, 1 x Vatikan, 1 x Uzbekistan, 1 x Vietnam, 1 x Ladakh, India, 1 x Monaco, 1 x Channel Islands, 1 x Barbados, 1 x Bolivia, 1 x Laos.
You may sign twice and send 2 cards in return then.
In return:

  • something from Favourites
  • missing GF or FOTW from country of origin (see profile)
  • ferry or cruising-ship
  • tramway
  • lighthouse
  • 30 used and undamaged stamps from different countries in envelope (no German stamps please)
    Host: Grakallo - SENT ALL(4) REC(3) #1,2,3.
  1. blue44 (Madagaskar and Monacco, sent together in envelope in option D) - SENT/REC
  2. kijjy (Uzbekistan and Laos, both unwritten in same envelope) - SENT/REC
  3. Frank_ (Bolivia and Saudi Arabia postcards, written in an envelope), will send FOTW Hungary and a postcard with tram or cruising ship. - SENT/REC
  4. Suzanka93 (Barbados and Trinidad+Tobago, blank and in an envelope together), will send the tramway cards.

Group 3 - The NETHERLANDS. .- CLOSED, addresses sent 20-3-2021.


  • You can pick from here mentioning A, B, C …(there are 1 of each),
  • 1x MOTW Zuid Holland (a region in the Netherlands),
  • 1x MOTW The Netherlands,
  • 1x The Netherlands World Explorer Series (Postcardsmarket),
  • 1x GF the Netherlands.
    In return: something from Favourites or something Easter / Spring related.
    Host: sanniekru will send 1 card.
  1. estrellacards (card B )

Group 4 - Upper Austria, AUSTRIA. - CLOSED, addresses sent 10-04-2021.

In return: city night views, skyscraper, bridges, street art, market scenes.
Host: @PepeGelato will send 3 card and need the addresses by March 22nd.

  1. Grakallo
  2. blue44
  3. estrellacards


(not yet)

UPDATES of the previous Season on the old Forum

( updated up to 13 MARCH 2021 )

:cool: RUNNING GROUPS (from #1574 to #1666)

:cool: COMPLETED GROUPS (from #1500…)

Welcome here! :slight_smile:

Group 1663

I have already sent my card to the host.

And I have received the nice autumn card from the host,
thanks a lot, also for the several nice stamps on it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Warm greetings back to you. :tea:

Group 1664

Rec from DearChristy - Shaped Octopus-ball with great stamps from my faves. Thankyou! :smiley:

Group 1661
I have received from @alpski_popotnik this wonderful card :bouncing:
Many thanks for your interesting explanations! I like to know about the Energy point next to the rotunda!

Thank you very much to @alpski_popotnik for a wonderful card from Lipica for #1661. My own card has also been mailed.

the previous SEASON on the old Forum
UPDATED up to here:

:cool: RUNNING GROUPS (from #1574 to #1666)

:cool: COMPLETED GROUPS (from #1500…)


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NEW Groups!


I would like to join group 1 #1
with MOTW of Belgium

I´d like to join

  • group 1, #2
    for card C (map card of La Roche), w&s please :smiley:

  • group 2, #1
    for Madagaskar and Monacco (sent together in envelope in option D, please)

  • I´ll send for group 1 to host @sanniekru this card from favs

  • For group 2 I could send to host @Grakallo
    a view card of Bernkastel-Kues market place with exactly the same photo as thisone
    but without the stamp border and without the name on the front

a tramway card or card with Queen Mary 2 in harbour

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Perfect for me. :grinning:

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Please may I sign up for
1 x Uzbekistan
1 x Laos

Thank you!

Ooop, sorry, meant to say both unwritten in same envelope.
I will sort out something you’ve asked for.
Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Received for RR 1635 Going on Vacation to cardtrekkie for Gloria -

Frewen (Germany) - beautiful poppies postcard with poppies washi tape and flower and castle stamps!

I would like to join to group 2. It would be great to receive Bolivia and Saudi Arabia postcards (written in an envelope)
I will send FOTW Hungary and a postcard with tram or cruising ship.
Thank you very much!


Group 1666. Received an amazing card with German Christmas market from the host. Thank you so much!

I have sent my card for the host. Sorry for a big delay…

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Hello)) I would like to join the group nr 2 - with card from Barbados and Trinidad+Tobago:) - blank and in an envelope together. I’ll send the tramway cards :slight_smile: Thank you a lot!