I’m from USA and the last 11 postcards i sent out have been mostly to Russia and Germany, Why am i not getting A diverse amount of Countries?

Why … am i sending to mostly to Russia and Germany in the last 11 postcards I’ve sent and not other countries ?

Probably just luck. Out of my 11 travelling cards at the mometn 4 are going o USA right now as well so it works the other way too. These countries (USA, Russia and Germany) I think are the highest volume senders so there are much more people partocipating in Postcrossing than from other countries. I have sent most of my cards to Russia, USA, Netherlands and Finland, in that order. :woman_shrugging: But you will et some other countries are well, at least I have. And when someting new does appear, it is even nicer!


I found that when I hit 50 sent postcards, the variety of countries I was sending to significantly decreased. Before, I would rarely have two cards travelling to the same country. Now, 8 out of my 10 travelling postcards are going to Russia, the USA or Germany. I think it must be something to do with the algorithm.


I think @geo_ is right, it is the algorithms, and that fact that Germany, Russia, and the USA are the top three participating counties by a difference of 3 million+ postcards sent. You can see the statistics on the Explore Postcrossing Countries page. Here are the top 4 countries. The first number is how many postcrossing members there are, and the second number is how many postcards they have sent.

Germany - 58,078 - 10,537,642
Russia - 115,317 - 7,749,994
United States of America - 70,889 - 7,410,970
Netherlands - 39,831 - 4,796,939

Germany is almost 3 million postcards in front of Russia, and the difference between the Netherlands and the USA is, again, about 3 million. The shear number of postcards sent by the members of these four countries dwarf all others. Even when you add the number of postcards sent by #5 Finland and #6 China, together, they still are less than the US, Russia, and Germany. For the algorithm to work, for every one postcard sent by someone in those 4 countries, someone has to send one back. It is no wonder that the vast majority of postcards

There is one thing you can do to decrease the number of postcards you have to Germany, USA, and Russia. In your preferences, disable or uncheck, “Check if you prefer to have several postcards traveling to the same country at the same time.” This will decrease the number sent to these four countries at the same time. That’s about all you can do.


You can check this topic too:

In addition to the “normal” algorithms, Germany is busy with Postcard writing for charity. So there are a lot more addresses from Germany in the pool right now.


It feels I’m in a swap with Germany :de: Another postcard goes to them today …. Germany is wonderful however i want diversity

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Yeah, I know how you feel. Right now I only have 2 going to Germany, Russia, and the USA each. But at one point I have had 4 going to Germany. Since I can only send 12 right now, that was a 3rd of my sends!

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