I got a card in a ziplock bag, and I was thinking, I'll do that as well

But how will they do a cancellation of the stamp… I doubt my card will be delivered if I do this.

Does anyone have experience with this?

The card I got, got a special cancellation (lucky) as it is an official card I’m going to register now.
And while I almost bought a ton of ziplock bags to put the card in… I now realize it might not work…


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How can I get this done? I mean I send my post from Germany. I could have them cancel it, and then put it in the plastic bags?

Ah that’s only at the postbanks, not at the ones that are in the lotto shops and such, I think?

Not ziplock bags, but my tag cards from this certain member in Thailand always come with clear vinyls about postcard size, to protect the cards. Stamps themselves are cancelled.


First Day of Issues from the USPS fulfillment center also comes protected with a cardboard and a vinyl wrap like @clubpostcards describes.

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If you’re asking about Germany, every post office or counter has a datestamp though they’re not always in use (some post offices cancel all stamps, others just dump everything into one big container and send it to the sorting center). You can still always have your mail hand-canceled by request at the ones that don’t normally use them, but your mail might still end up being sent through the machine as it’s just dropped into the normal outgoing mail.

This is a normal datestamp:

and this is how it looks like if it goes through the machine again (the blue mark is from the sorting center):

…but this is not possible. Postcards must be machinable, and as a plastic bag would prevent it from being able to be sent through the machine, you can’t do it here. (if you find a post office that still does it, the recipient might end up paying a fine)


Thanks! It’s impossible, that’s good to know!

I was thinking to try sending card in semi open envelope like this.
I keep card in place with easy to remove tape inside (tiny piece) and the photo corner :slight_smile:
It should be enought space for cancellation.

*this is just fast sample I just made.

I didn’t test it yet but maybe next time I will be sending card to you @Boeboe we can try :slight_smile:


The UK’s Royal Mail Philatelic Handstamp Departments will usually forward mail in clear prepaid envelopes or Glassine Bags such as these. To prevent further machine or pen cancellations.

The only other country where I have recieved mail in clear envelopes has been Thailand as mentioned above.

If it is not mschineable, you must pay the postage for a “Großbrief” that is 1.60€ within Germany and 3.70€ abroad, I think.

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