How to send stickers/ stamps on a postcard (like a attached "pocket" on the postcard)


I thought I read somewhere that some people create little envelopes (or pockets) that are taped on the postcard so when the recipient receives the postcard, they open the washi tape and they can receive unused (new) stickers and trade stamps. This is not to be confused with sending postcards inside an envelope… I hope this makes sense. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am hoping to see pictures of your creations, I tried to look at Pinterest and YT but I am unable to see this but I know I read something similar on a thread here in the past and I forgot to bookmark the thread. So does anyone have ideas or pictures on how to make a little pocket on the postcard to send a unused sticker and maybe put a stamp or two in it?


You can make or buy a mini envelope to tape or glue on the postcard to hold stickers or stamps. I have not tried it but I did receive a postcard where a piece of paper was glued on and the note was written on it and then folded up to be the size of the postcard. It made it through the mail with a wax seal on it but it looked like someone opened it.


I have always been interested in this question, but I myself have not tried to attach something to a postcard, I just sent it in an envelope. But once I received a postcard from Hong Kong with a casino token attached to it with a ribbon, it was on top of what was written, and easily moved away without damaging the postcard. I was surprised that she was able to get to me in this form.


Here is the other thread you mentioned and there are a couple of pictures with mini envelopes attached to postcards that people have shared in the posts.


Thank you! It was maybe that same thread I read and forgot to bookmark. Thanks for sharing! :grinning:


Washi tapes are easy to peel off, under the yellow pieces of paper there are stickers as a gift, the text and address are written on the card . Was 2 pockets :love_letter::love_letter:


I think it was my card that the OP of the linked post was referring to. I like to make a little origami pouch from a square piece of paper and stick it with double sided tape to the card.

It sits quite flat but it can be generous with what it holds. Ive got coins and even a little origami frog inside them

I’d recommend going on youtube and just searching for origami envelope. There are so many and theyre all really pretty and very easy to do.


Interesting thread:)


I made a little tiny envelop, stuffed it with stickers and addressed the envelope to the person. I then glued the little envelop where the address goes on the postcard, taped over it and it made it safely! I’ve done this twice. :smiling_face:


I received a postcard with a coin taped on it!