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Unlike the old forum, I noticed that there is no printable format for either the threads or the private messages. When I print addresses directly from private messages, the font (words) don’t come out clear (it looks fuzzy). Can this be fixed?

Of course, I appreciate all the hard work that has already gone into making this new forum. I’m really loving it (too addicted, actually), except for this part.

To be honest, I miss this as well. It’s brilliant for addresses in cyrillic script or Chinese characters.

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We discussed it recently in the German forum.
In Firefox you see 3 lines like the hamburger menu in the upper right corner and 3 dots in chrome.
If you click on it, you can select “print” from the menu and you got the. printable format

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Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have just tried it and I think there is a disadvantage:
It is not possible to select a part of the text and print only that part.
In any case I could not find anything. So you have always to print the whole text.

Command + P (on a Mac) or Control + P (Windows) should do the trick as well! The result is styled to remove all the extra buttons and avatars, so that only the essential content appears.

I hadn’t noticed until now, but it appears that in Macs at least, printing a selection is not something you can do by default… which is strange. :thinking: I guess in last resort, we can always send a message to ourselves with just the text we’d like to print, but it’s a little cumbersome.

Actually, I stand corrected by @paulo: you can select the part you want to print and print just that bit — the thing is you need to do it in the pop-up window that comes up with the formatted page when you choose to print, and not “here”, on the forum itself.


Don’t forget you need to have enabled pop-up windows or allow it each time you need it (or make an exception). At least it showed me a line that Firefox blocked a pop-up.

Using Win10 + Firefox

You can mark a part of the text you would like to print. Then do a right-click and a small menue opens where you can choose “Print”. A pop-up window opens where you can print the addresses. Haven’t done a print because my printer is too old.

This is how it would works with Win10 and Brave Browser.


Never knew this was possible! I wouldn’t use it here, but it is good to know.

I always print addresses by pasting them into a blank document first. That way you can print multiple on one page, increase or change the font, etc.

But for me this only works with chrome, not with firefox.

It works also with MS Edge and Opera.

Oh no, dumb that it doesn’t work with Firefox :frowning:

you can always type Ctrl+P, click on ‘cancel’ and then select a text part and copy it into a Word document.
a bit more work, though…

I thought this works in Firefox. I tried this on a Wikipedia page by selecting a text, pressing Ctrl+P and checking ‘Selection’ under Page Range.
Unable to try this on the forum currently because I have pressed Ctrl+P too many times and I’ve got a warning :slight_smile:

Edit: Looks like when you select text on a discussion page, the quote button stops you from checking ‘Selection’.

Like in everything else, there are many ways to do the same thing. Different browsers do it in different ways and the process may vary between Windows and Mac. So, there’s a bit of confusion on this topic at the moment because what works for one may not work for others. Let me see if I can help in case someone is still having trouble with this or someone reads this later.

This forum does have a printing mode that should work with all browsers. A “printing mode” is just a clean view of the page, without all the buttons and scrollbars, etc. so that it looks nicer in print — this is useful for when you want to print a whole topic.

To get to the printing mode, is just need to tell the browser to print. There is no print button included on the webpage itself because all browsers already have the print command somewhere on its menus. Typically this is under the first/main File menu. There are also shortcuts for this like several mentioned (Control+P on Windows, Command+P on Mac). Printing sometimes brings up a pop-up window (with the “printing mode” view): pay attention if your browser doesn’t block this by default — this seems to be a common issue with Firefox — keep an eye on the URL bar to unblock it if nothing is happening.

Right, so the above is if one wants to print the whole page/topic and be done with it.

If you one wants to print just a selection of text, this is more tricky to explain because it will depend on your browser, operating system, etc. It should be doable with most popular browsers and common OS’s but in some cases you’ll need some patience to find the right setting.

Start by selecting the text you want to print, then find the Print entry on the menus (or through the shortcut) as described above — that will bring you to the Print dialog with a bunch of options (printer, paper size, etc). In this dialog, you’ll need to find the option that allows to print the selection only. On Chrome on a Mac, this may look like this:

An edge case to be aware of: if in this process a pop-up window came up with the “printing mode” view, you may need to close the Print dialog first, select in that pop-up window the text you want to print, and then issue the Print command again so that you see the “Selection only” checkbox available. This can happen because Discourse tries to be helpful for the most common case (print the whole topic), but if you are trying to print just a selection, you’ll need to do that again on the pop-up window.

Hope this helps someone! If you are still stuck, report here what is happening to you, together with what browser and operating system you are on so that others on the same setup can guide you. Good luck and don’t waste paper! :stuck_out_tongue:


Obviously there is not only a limit in sending messages, but also in printing.
I have just tried (WIN 7, Chrome) several times to print something using Ctrl+P, and after (maybe 10?) trials I got this message:
{“errors”:[“You’ve performed this action too many times, please try again later.”]}

What’s that??? Why???

It only happens when I press Ctrl+P - with right mouse button + print it works…

I believe the limit you are hitting is that of opening the same page multiple times — there are some built-in restrictions to prevent abuse and while I’m not sure exactly which actions it covers, it seems print (page) may be one of them.

I said “page” because, depending on the browser and how you order the print and how to do it, Discourse will try to open a pop-up window with the “printing mode” view — that’s a page on itself. If you want to print something over 10 times, that may get on your way indeed. :slight_smile:

A simple way to avoid this is just to use the print command from the browser instead of the keyboard shortcut (that Discourse intercepts to show you the pop-up). I believe the end result is pretty much the same.

And even if you use the Ctrl+P trick, I suspect the restriction may be per page requested, so if you want to print many different topics, that shouldn’t get on your way. But this is a guess.

In any case, my advice for heavy print users: use the browser print function instead of triggering it with Ctrl+P because that way Discourse doesn’t get on the way and your browser should do the job just as good.