How to buy Bahamas stamps ahead of travel


I will be traveling to the Bahamas later this summer via cruise from the USA. We will be visiting Nassau for the day.
I am hoping to send postcards from the Bahamas to friends/relatives/penpals. I know that I take a while to prepare postcards, so I don’t want to scramble to write several postcards at the Post Office while my family is waiting for me.

Do you know if there is a way to purchase Bahamian stamps in advance? I have looked on the Bahamian Postal website and I did not see a link to purchase stamps. I have also looked on sites such as Etsy and Ebay and could not find any current stamps for sale.

Thank you for your time!


Hello Ashlyn,

I took a look at the Bahamas government’s website and what they suggested was to drop into the post office and buy stamps directly

If you’re looking for stamps before your trip, might I suggest doing a direct swap with a Bahamian postcrosser, where they can send you mint stamps?

Have a good trip

in the 1980’s (a long time ago), a friend took a cruise visiting 8 port of call in 5 countries in the caribbean. she was worried about sending postcards to her friends. when she return, told me that the boat sold stamps of each country at that port of call and they even mail them for her. maybe ask the cruise line your taking. one thing was no choice of stamps - one country stamps were so large, it almost cover the whole postcard. have a great trip. i can not go on cruises as easily get seasick (sad).

Agreed. I would ask the cruise company.

I’m doing the same thing this summer :blush:

not sure which cruise company you are using but royal Caribbean, most ships in their fleet have a post office on board. You can take them to the customer service desk and they will post and mail them from whatever port your in with those stamps. Ive done it many time, however, a word of warning, usually takes the postcard about 5 weeks to get to its destination. I have also mailed straight from Nassau . There is a post office 2 blocks from the port terminal . But again, even mailing direct from the Nassau post office, it took the post card several weeks to arrive. I once got one i mailed from port, 3 months after returning home!

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