How soon do you draw your next address?

For me this depends. I do not have time to write every day and some month are busier than others so I usually write my cards on the weekend and that is when I draw another address

I do so when I am able to draw 2-3 addresses

I don’t have much time during the weekdays, so I end up pulling a batch of addresses during the weekend when I have time to write and send postcards. The only exception was World Postcrossing Day when I saved up slots over three weeks and then pulled addresses and sent cards on October 1.

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i can send 22 cards at the time and i almost never have all my slots filled. a lot of cards go to germany so they get registered pretty fast.
i request an address when i feel like writing cards. depends when i have a day off with not much to do.

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It depends how I’m feeling, sometimes I get so excited I get one right away. I travel a lot so I always have my postcard and stamps on hand! Now I’m back in my “home” (I work in Yellowstone and travel on my off season for a month and half) I will pull a address right away

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I have times when I draw a new address as soon as a card is registered - I try to do that during December because Postcrossing has a charity program with German Post, where German Post gives 0.10 Euro per card sent in Germany during December and registered until end of February. All cards with DE IDs count, so if you travel to Germany (if that’s even possible with the current COVID-19 lockdown here) and use travel mode, your cards will count as well. :smiley:

Most of the time I draw addresses when I feel like sending official postcards. Since I discovered RRs and swas in the forum, I do most of my cards there - the probability I’ll get cards I actually like is a lot better there that with official cards (yes, my main goal for Postcrossing is to get interesting view cards from all over the world :smiley:). This year I had times with almost no travelling cards - the pandemic makes it difficult to obtain postcards, and I dislike online shopping - too expensive for just one targeted card for a newly drawn address…


With these times I do it quite soon after registration, since it’s a nice hobby to practice especially during this pandemic, but before that I waited a bit longer generally and sent out less postcards overall.

This month I request a new address for every free slot every day, due to the action “postcards for a good cause” by Postcrossing and Deutsche Post AG, but usually I do not request more than 3 or 4 addresses per day, so there are always some slots free.

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I pretty much do it immediately.

Before shelter in place and school from home because of COVID, I would write a postcard each morning while my daughter got ready for school. We would mail it on the way. Now, though, I do them in batches of five or ten, a couple times a month.

I also usually draw a new address immediately. I have a limit of 6 at the moment and all of my postcards are travelling far (other continents) so they are taking forever! A slot became available last week but I was under quarantine for covid so I’ll wait until one of the travelling cards expires (day 57 so far) to draw 2 addresses and send the postcards together.


I write my cards on weekends so I’d draw a few addresses on Friday and on Friday night I picked all the cards for me to write and send. :hugs:

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Usually when I register a card, but sometimes I like to wait for two. It just depends on my day.


I am new to Postcrossing and hope I am not disappointing people. I am a bit slow. I like to draw a new address after I finish my postcard, sometimes even before I mail it if I know that I will be going to the mailbox that day.

Then I like to read your profiles and think about them a bit, or even just think about your names and your cities. I like to think about what your lives might be like and what you might find interesting about me or my home. I might remember something I saw at a store or online that I think you would like. It might take me awhile to get it for you.

I might change my mind, think what I was going to say is dumb, and need to wait until a quiet morning when the news isn’t making me angry.

I might need more practice before I get it right, but I do enjoy writing to you and I hope you will forgive me for being so slow.


I draw an address every three days, and have done so since the beginning more than 10 years ago. The original reason was that I was trying not to get addicted and spend too much time and money at the time. :smirk:
This way I have enough time to think about which card to pick for that particular postcrosser, and thoroughly compose my message. It sometimes takes 1-2 days before I mail it.
I don’t do batches, because I wouldn’t like to get several recipients mixed up. I like to give my full attention to one postcrosser at a time. (Sometimes I think I do get up with others that are in the same batch frome a sender who draws many addresses at the time. Would love to hear if you have ever mixed up your recipients?)

I see my statistics curve almost like a work of “slow art.” Once I had to take a break of 8 months for work, so my curve dropped to 0. Now, I decided to take a similar brake in regular intervals, in order to continue my work of art.


Technically, I draw addresses in batches, but after requesting all those addresses, I only open up one profile at time. I leave that profile open on my electronic device (whether it’s my laptop, iPad, or phone) the entire time that I’m choosing the postcard, decorating it, and writing the message. It’s only when I’ve completed that postcard that I move on to the next profile. That way, there’s very little chance I’ll mix up any postcards.


That sounds like a lot of love you’re putting into each card!

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What do you mean to keep the statistics clean?

Because I’m just starting I’m eager to send one after another.

I’m assuming that @Albion means that the “clean” statistics they have will purely reflect travel time. As opposed to drawing an address, waiting 5 days, then mailing it–because then the actual travel time would be 5 days less than what’s reflected on the site. The site records the travel starting as the point that you pull the addresses.

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I do this same thing (batches one address at once) and I wish we could select when we actually mailed it.