How often do you edit your profile?

Isn’t that what he did? From having lighthouses in his wishlist, he went to “no more lighthouses, please”. Or did he still list lighthouses as one of his wishes? That would indeed not make too much sense, but he may simply have forgotten to remove it from the list. Or maybe he never wished for lighthouses but still got many and was fed up with them … :thinking:

The lighthouses were still there on the list. It was a long time ago and I’ve no chance of finding it again, sorry.

This is so interesting. I’m basically the opposite. I almost never change my profile pic–partly because I want to be consistent and recognizable and also I’m a little lazy. For example, my profile pic on my Twitter account has been the same since 2009.

I have only one time since joining…is that bad 🤷

…my profile picture is a pool toy. :joy: The only comment I have received so far was a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that people attach pool noodles to their cars for extra impact protection, which I loved! I doubt I will ever have a profile picture that shows anything other than a pink flotation device, so people demanding faces will just have to deal with it. :dark_sunglasses:

Also, I absolutely agree with you and @elikoa: Nobody needs to know anyone’s age, gender, legal name and status, appearance, etc. to write them a nice postcard!

That is a great suggestion. It would take some work to set up, but I could finally be concise in my profile and chatty elsewhere. :smile:

@RydersNana, not at all! It’s great that you’re happy with it. :blush:

And, regarding pets: @KAS, congratulations on your new hammy!! :hamster:

@mchay, the fact that your cat is named Scream made my morning. That is a PERFECT name for a cat. Please give Scream a nice scratch for me. :sparkling_heart:

And @Axolotl, I absolutely care about how many speedy-spooders you have. :spider: Tell them all I say hello.

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I told all 19 of them :grin: :relieved:

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I might not change my profile at all for many months. And then I might do a minor change and leave it for a long time. Other times I make several changes in a short time. Resently I did rewrite my profile twice or trice. And then I did some small changes. I did already have a Google Document with writing prompts, which I linked to in my profile. Then I ended up making another document with my wishlist. But the two links in the profile “ate” quite many characters from my character limit in the profile. So I created a third document that combinded the wishlist and writing prompts!

I might change my profile photo without changing anything else. Sometimes I keep the same photo for many months. Then I suddenly change the photo regularly, with only a few weeks in between.


I have changed small things here and there, but mostly I just update it when I move to a new country. I mostly do that because I feel like a bit of an imposter when my profile says I’m from x country, but I’m really just an American living in that country.

I think about changing my profile picture occasionally, but that’s about as far as I get. :laughing:

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Over the years my profile has had many different versions. When I update it, I usually rewrite the whole thing. It happens maybe once or twice a year, and then several smaller updates in between when I think of a better way to phrase something or want to add or remove some info.

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:wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

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I’m new to Postcrossing but have made a few small changes as I learn about my own preferences. For example, the last edit I made was to ask senders to please include a date and location as sometimes it’s hard to decipher on the postmark!

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I edit usually about once or twice a month, usually just to make small adjustments, such as a new theme of postcards I would like to receive, or a topic for the Postcrosser who drew my address to talk about.

I also have this thing going on, where I have a theme of the month for postcards I would love to receive during that month, just to spice things up a little. Of course, there are no obligations, but it’s fun when someone is able to fulfil your theme. :smiley:

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That’s a great idea–I might steal it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please go ahead :stuck_out_tongue: I got the inspiration from other profiles too haha. :crazy_face:

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I’m not a big changer to be honest. 2-3 major changes in those 9 years. Apart from that, I make minor changes/corrections, about likes, dislikes and things that change in my life. Now that i think about it, I should stop writing (and updating) my age, and allow the system to show my year of birth (duh).

As for names and genders, I like knowing them. Especially names because I love starting my messages addressing to someone specific. Otherwise I get a bit sad and confused… I dont know if I should say “Hi!” “Hey you” “Whats up?”. I scan the whole profile in case i missed a name somewhere! :innocent:

As for gender it doesnt play a role usually but I might feel better sharing something more personal with a specific gender. But a person who is not disclosing personal information I guess isnt much interested in my private issues as well… :thinking:

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I think I edit my profile only when something happens (like a new hobby). After editing I feel like I do it too often ( actually not) and leave it that way for some months :laughing:

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Once every three months, maybe?

every now and then

I update my profiel about 3-4 times a year. Sometimes I read it and I feel like I could articulate something better, sometimes I find new postcard-themes interesting and add them to my list. Others are not that interesteing anymore so I take them from my list (I try not to have the list too long - it is long enough as it is already so I take away some topics when i add some). Or it is just general updates…

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I now partly rewrote my profile and removed my wish list as I have come to realize that most of my wishes are quite general (touristic cards, landscapes) or are hinted in my profile (e.g. I like cats, tea, reading). I only left a list of those postcard series I am actually interested in receiving. Earlier I used to update my profile when I received a card from those postcard series, e.g. Greetings from and added the country abbreviation (e.g. CA) to the list, so I’d avoid getting duplicates. In general I don’t mind getting duplicates, but in case of those postcard series, I prefer receiving one copy of each card.