How many postcards have you sent in December?

I’m a little curious how many postcards everyone else sends during a month. I just restarted in mid-November, and I was a little overzealous in December.

I have to figure out when I sent which. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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34 so far. 2 more are waiting to be sent when the stamps I ordered today will have arrived.

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Okay, data gathered. I don’t know if I should be proud or frightened at my number…
151 and this does not include 37 that I forgot to keep the date…

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okay but. my sending in december is not what i send on average in a month, because i work a lot in the summer and a bit less in the winter so i’m always way more active in the winter.

but i checked and i have 10 registered and 20 traveling, so 30 in total. oh and 14 for an rr. i think that’s about it. i would say more than enough for me, before i know it my stamps are all gone again.

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135 on the official site, I didn’t count the swaps and other stuff. :speak_no_evil:


According to my stats page, I had sent 20 during December. I have 20 more official postcards that I put in the mail during December but haven’t reached their destination yet. (I also have others that I sent earlier than that that haven’t reached the recipients, but I’m not counting those.) I also sent ~100 other postcards, but they weren’t for Postcrossing.

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I am not as active in Postcrossing so I have 2 registered and 4 traveling!

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I am trying to control the amount of cards I send each month (because money), so the normal monthly amount is around 18-20 cards, but December has been very slow month with mail (post office been filled up with online shopping, and then holidays…) so the stats says I have sent 14 cards this month.

Cards sent on other months but were received by the Postcrosser in Dec: 19

Cards sent in Dec and received by the Postcrosser: 1

Cards sent in Dec which are still travelling: 21

I re-started Postcrossing this year too, some time in June at the peak of this pandemic when we are restricted to our homes. The start was so slow and I was way more enthusiastic than the postal service. :sweat_smile: I checked my email and my mailbox everyday, waiting for my postcards to arrive and for a postcard to arrive in my mailbox.


Cards sent…
Via the official website (so far, 3 days remaining! :wink: ): 87
Via the forum: 49
To friends and family: 17
Via the Angel Card Project: 25
= 178 :smiley:

Via the official website there were 95 (registered so far: 69)
= 186 :smiley:


80 on :postcrossing: and 4 to family. #CardsForLiteracy keeps me sending focused on December.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who has sent a ‘pretty penny’ worth of post cards. I was starting to feel like I was off my rocker.

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Just 12

To my surprise, 26. (This is way more than I realised.) 13 have reached their destination, and 13 are still travelling

Looks like I sent 7 officials, 4 are still travelling and 3 were registered.

I don’t keep track of the rest. I did a tag and a RR but that was in November.

I’m sure about sending 4, maybe 5 non-officials. There might be some I’m forgetting. So let’s say… About 15? That’s probably in line with most months for me.

I also sent a letter and 5 envelopes with old postcards I offered to a group I’m part of. That’s a bit more envelopes that I send in a usual month.

I don’t send Christmas-related stuff so December doesn’t make a difference in my life.

So far I already sent 36 cards and I still have 8 cards to be sent on Wednesday.
There might be 2 more cards from RR I have just joined if the host send the address tomorrow.

Since I came back to Postcrossing on June, I only send 10-15 cards per month.
Last month I sent 22 and this month will be more than 40.
Oh no… New forum makes me crazy.

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umm nice topic :nerd_face:
I sent 4 officially via postcrossing but I also swapped cards on Instagram and I sent anothers to my friends to celebrate new year&Christmas. :partying_face: :christmas_tree: :sparkles: :sparkles:

32 so far :slight_smile:

Just 8, I’ve been too busy with work to really have time right now but can’t wait for the new year.

9 with only 3 having arrived. I guess 3 weeks/1 month is not long traveling time during this time of year? :woman_shrugging:t2: