How many open slots for WPD 2023? When do you start to save?

I think I want at least 5 open slots for WPD 2023. I stopped mailing postcards a couple days ago. I already have > 5 open slots but I will continue to mail to postcrossers and save 5 for WPD. Do you have a strategy?


Dont you have 29 slots?
If I were you I would not stop.

I only have 20 slots. I will save 4 slots in mid September. My expectation 2 will go to Germany and US (fast) and the other 2 to China and Russia (long traveling time).

Last year I sent 8 cards, only 6 were registered. No more hope for 2 other cards.


Yeah. I was thinking I stopped too soon. Thanks.

Were the other 2 cards to ghostcrossers or do you think they were lost in transit? I read in another thread that some ghostcrossers return just for WPD.

I plan to start saving slots in late September. I’m only planning to send around 3 official cards, but if more slots open up, I’ll send more.


I am currently not writing many cards due to lack of time. As I will probably not write many cards until WPD I have all my free slots for WPD. However since I probably will not have much time on WPD either I plan on sending out maybe 5 cards that day.


I’m currently saving my slots for stamp issues. So I’m just seeing how it goes really.

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I will be travelling at that time, so currently I reduce writing cards, otherwise there might be many cards in my mailbox without getting registered. But I consider switching to Travel mode at that date :grinning:.

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Hopefully I have 5 at least.

I’ll have to stop clicking addresses in mid Sept to save up slots!

Last year I sent 2 and both arrived


1 card to US member. He rarely logs in. In 2022 he was active on February, May and September. In 2023 he was active on March and May.

1 card to Germany member with thousands sent card but have more than 500 sent than received. He was very active on October 2022. He is active again since July 2023 until now.

Maybe my cards to them were lost. Maybe it arrived during their inactivity and they forget it.


I have 10 traveling for 8 days, and I’ll save after they got registered


I usually have a few slots available, so it hadn’t occurred to me to make sure I left any open. Is this in order to successfully get one sent and registered so you get the little icon in your bio? I guess I’ve succeeded at that without really trying, as I seem to have it. If that is important to you, I’d think five should be enough. I purchased 20 cards to send specifically for that day, which will be sent to people I do direct swaps or am pen pals with. While it is interesting to see the variety cards I receive for that day, there are often many duplicates, which can be a bit frustrating.

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I’m inactive since March so I will have all of my 100 slots available.
But I think I’ll write not more than 10 cards. That’ll be enough.


I will maybe save 2 or 3 not more as I’m travelling 2 weeks before and will just return on WPD and won’t be able to send many

The last time I ‘saved’ slots was before my first postcrossing meeting earlier this year. I ended up only sending 12 on that day, and then the others trickled after.

I do like a challenge though so I’m tempted to start saving them and see what’s the biggest number of cards I can send on one day is.

I’ve never been as active in postcrossing as I am nowadays and haven’t sent a card on WPD before.

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It is my first time taking part and at the moment I can only send 6(?) postcards. I have one slot saved for it now but think around the 10th September I’ll stop sending and hope I have 4-5 slots available. Am excited to collect some WPD postcards for the occasion! :blush:


It’s a great question! I think I’ll start saving around two weeks before (September 15) so that I can do some Officials.

If I have extras, I might also use some of them in Tags in the Games section on that day.

Here are a few tags where a World Postcard Day card could be welcome:



I’ve only ever saved 3-5 slots for the day and this year, I’ll send a maximum of 5.

I know it’s tempting to send more, but knowing how much they struggle during the European afternoon/early evening to have enough addresses for everyone who asks for them, it seems a bit selfish to do more. It must be sad for some people to come online, with the excitement of WPD, only to find that there are temporarily not enough addresses to be given out. It’s happened for at least the last 2 WPDs. And not everybody will be able to come back later when things have eased. Plus, this year, WPD is on a Sunday, so potentially even busier than normal.


Not enough addresses? Really? I have never heard of that…


Was thinking about this! Is there enough addresses :smile:

Also heard that the site jammed/crush during that day. I haven’t experienced the WPD before (never heard of it before this Postcrossing) Also, i doubt i have any slots on that day, but if i have i might try take one official! Or not , I might forget the day.


And then you see people asking for dozens of addresses, completely oblivious to the pressures on the system. There’s always a plea in the afternoon for anyone who is inactive to please go active so their address can be given out.

I will go inactive in mid September, and active again later on the day to help ease the system.