How do you treat offensive postcards?

I know there will be different political opinions, so different ideas about communism are not offensive to me.

What I really meant was that she should not have foisted on me the love and opinions of a figure who has been controversial around the world and had already influenced me.

Moreover, her beloved President Trump has had the following negative effects on me, including but not limited to:

  • Visa processing is deliberately difficult (It requires submitting social media profiles for censorship after he came into power.)
  • Being subjected to racist attacks (In particular, in early 2020, his reference to viruses on Twitter got me attacked in the UK.)

Could you please show me which specific rule has been written and posted that one can’t show the back of a postcard according to? Thank you very much!

It is written in the guidelines to whom you agreed when you joined Postcrossing:

  • Keep private information private.
    The addresses given to you are private information and can only be used for Postcrossing purposes. Do not share them with anyone or make them public on the internet. This also applies to what is written on the postcards you have received, so please do not scan it.

Thank you for the information. Is it possible for me to paraphrase or quote what’s behind the postcard, instead of posting a picture of it?

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You can’t reproduce it literally, because that would be no different than publishing a scan of it.
But you can of course give general informations, what you have already done.

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I’m sorry it’s a bit off topic, if so then why asking for translation thread allows backside of the postcard being posted?


I could already tell what the content of the postcard was from the posts in this topic. I believe that such incidents need to be reported and exposed. I know it goes against the Postcrossing rules to post the reverse side of a card, but in this case the term used was offensive and I do believe that certain behaviours, in extreme cases such as this one, need to be reprimanded in a way or another. I’m not asking for exceptions though – maybe paraphrasing would be enough!

Imagine, for instance, receiving racist slurs directed at you, and wanting to vent somewhere.

“CCP flu”? It’s heavily political in nature (something we don’t want, as has been agreed multiple times here), with an offensive slur as well. Furthermore, it’s the product of a mentality prone to generalisation: the sender saw the recipient’s country of origin and decided to write a message that is clearly aggressive.

For instance, I would never write a postcard to a person from a random country with a critique of their president/politics… I’d need to assume their political stance from a completely politics-free profile, and reduce them to a mere object to which I can direct my own frustrations/agenda. It sounds dehumanising and ideologically motivated.

I don’t know how even this is being put under scrutiny, and how some of the sender’s words are being justified… I don’t think they deserve justification, as the intention behind them is clearly one of confrontation – setting boundaries and acting in a hostile way instead of building bridges.

I think posts there are being regularly deleted so that nothing stays! :blush:


Oh I just realized! Thank you :pray:

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The posts in this Topic don’t stay there forever - they are deleted after a short time.

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I think the message is offensive enough. There are words that should not be said. Even if she didn’t mean that, I think she have to use her imagination. We have to extra care wording our message because it’s easier to be misunderstood when the communication is not face-to-face.

Maybe you should better to report it, and overwrite with fun. I’m ready to send you a happycard!


I know everyone’s point is different, but I choose rational communication. If I have met that circumstance, though I would be furious in my mind but the rational thinking in my mind tell me extreme views cannot solve any problem, it just makes that worse. The most levelheaded person would choose the wise path, so just keep calm. We cannot change one’s viewpoint sometimes, in their restricted perspective. Since I know there are so many prejudice and bias , though I haven’t face that since I joined postcrossing, I have imagined sometimes receiving a card like that and pondered how should I do. I will choose to respect other’s. Try to talk and communicate. I have always thought anyone who has not personally experienced something and has not been to a particular country has no right to judge them.There’s nothing wrong with what someone’s pursuing (like justice, fairness, freedom), but don’t hurt people.


With 6 Billion people on this Earth, you are bound to run across a lunatic every now and then. I had my [fortunately] one and only experience with a belligerent person about two years ago.

The individual, after reading my profile, sent me a card on spite about a subject that I preferred not to get. Moreover, in their message, they shamed me because I did not want to such cards. Ooops, my mistake…it wasn’t technically a postcard. Anyway, in my message when registering the card, I told them that instead of taking shots people about religious matters, perhaps they should look at their own government’s repressive measures against individuals of my faith in their country.( I should add that I NEVER mention this to other members of that country that I mail to).

They replied that they were going to report me to PostCrossing for “discrimination.” I encouraged them to do so and, while you are doing that, inform the admins that I registered your crappy non-postcard. Not a peep thereafter. I am sorry this happened to you. But throughout the world, events are polarizing people, causing many to become provocative in their speech and actions. Sometimes it’s best to ignore these. Other times, you have every right to speak up (out) when your dignity and self-respect is questioned.


This conversation reminds me that we all value kindness: giving and receiving.

I also received such a postcard. I registered it, but didn’t comment it and also didn’t keep it.


I can’t give you direct advice, but being on the receiving end of those two instances would have upset me as well. When I very first got into Postcrossing a coworker of mine was interested in what I was doing and asked me a lot of questions about it. One of her questions was “Can you say you don’t want to send or receive with a particular country?” She had watched a documentary in which there was a suspected murderer from a particular country and she had drawn from that a dislike for everyone else from there as well. I told her she wouldn’t be able to set that restriction on her account and that, especially since that country was at the time one of the top participants in Postcrossing, Postcrossing might not be for her.

One of the things I love most about Postcrossing is that it feels, to me, like a continual decision to choose kindness. With every profile I get I look for something that person and I could have in common and try to tap into it, even if that person’s profile also includes things I don’t like or don’t agree with; with every postcard I receive I choose to assume the sender has done the same when they looked at mine. It’s very discouraging that there are people in our community who are choosing to prioritize rhetoric and prejudice instead.

I would also love to send you a cheerful card, if you’d like it! :purple_heart:


Each have their own sense of humour.

This is my opinion.

Bruh that ain’t sense of humour lol
Imagine saying that offensive slurs and insults are just someone’s “sense of humour”


I don’t know what is implying here, I’m talking about the message this person have received. You can interpret my message as how you like.

No humour should be based on an offense to nationality, race, gender, orientation, or religion. It’s not humour, it’s rudeness. Period.

And the validity or appropriateness of this so-called “humour” is determined not by the person who initiates the “humour”, but by the opinions of the person being made fun of.

That is my view and my principle.


I’m glad I never yet received a rude postcard. Everyone has been so kind. But if I receive a rude one, I will be upset.

When you said she was shouting, I thought, maybe some people write in capital letters to make the handwriting more readable. They don’t realize someone might think it’s like shouting. Saying that about the flu is offensive though, and intended to offend.

I recently saw a postcard from my country with a traditional meal with a roasted lamb. I thought, oh if that gets sent to a vegan that may be very wrong. However, the sender may not be aware, or the sender may be a vegan too, seeing the card simply as a traditional culture card of a holiday meal, nothing more. But someone may feel horrible to receive it. So I thought, we have to take those things lightly, as often people don’t mean to hurt. They had a completely different idea.