How do you plan to celebrate the World Postcard Day? 📮

World Postcard Day, the day to celebrate postcards is coming up in one month and a half, and now is the time to make plans for it! What will you be up to on this special day?

Some simple ideas include sending postcards to everyone you know, including postcards on your classroom if you’re an educator, or reading a book that features mail.

Last year, we enjoyed seeing small postcard writing stations pop up in libraries! Could this be something you could help your local library do, by donating them some postcards? :slight_smile:

Another nice idea is to help a little one send their first postcards. Last year, @gypsyallie made these lovely goodie bags for her nephews, “to pass the love of postcards down to a new generation”.

How will you choose to celebrate this year? Let share ideas and inspiration in the comments below! :slight_smile:


Morning @meiadeleite. I think there’s a topic for this already, but apologies if you’re looking for something different: What are your plans for World Postcard Day 2022?

Aaaaaah, how did I miss that? :sweat_smile: I’m going to pin it and link to it from the blog. Thank you @beatriceh!

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This should be the main post for WPD. Mine was just musing in advance. Can we use this one instead? It seems more appropriate.