How do you pay postage at post office?

I often use Wechat Pay or Alipay to pay postage at the counter of post office and I sometimes use cash. I seldom use stamps to pay.

What about you? How do you pay postage at post office?

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I often use cash or WeChat Pay to buy stamps and then use stamps to pay postage :laughing:

mostly by credit card (i rarely carry cash with me!) but some usps post offices have begun to accept contactless forms like applepay which is convenient if i forget my wallet!

I order online. If I visit a place that sells stamps, I use a bank card or MobilePay. I never have cash.

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Usually by card, occasionally by cash

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I think by now most postoffices allow to pay via bank card. Not sure if paying by mobile phone works. In Germany many people still pay in cash as well and often in smaller places other payment methodes than cash are not excepted. I do not like to carry cash but always have to because of this. I oder my stamps online and Deutsch Post withdraws money directly from my account

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Usually by UPI

what is UPI?

My local post office is a Contract Station (like a franchise). Only cash is accepted for postal business.

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Cash. Always. :slight_smile:


Credit card at the local post office – and credit card when I order directly from Canada Post’s online shop.

Cash. But mostly I take the webshop with it’s big offer of different stamps and values.


Cash, if small amount, or bank card if bigger. I refuse to use a bank card to pay for postage that is under a few pounds! :joy: Sometimes I buy stamps online.

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Paying in cash is still big in Germany and most people carry cash - though, times are very slowly changing, I think. I, too, pay in cash and only use my debit card if the amount of cash I have with me doesn’t cover the sum I need to pay. But also, ever since I got a somewhat incompetent post office clerk a few weeks ago when I wanted to buy stamps, I’ve opted to buy my stamps online for the most part. It’s easier and doesn’t require human interaction with incompetent people. :laughing:


I usually using stamps i bought from online shops and i paid with debit card, so when i give post card to the post office i dont need to pay more

In China, you can only go to the post office if you want to buy ordinary stamps, because the website of China Post is very poor, and they do not sell ordinary stamps online.

Damn, that sucks. Here the online shop offers more variety for stamps than the post offices.

Always by cash. :euro: Before going, I calculate how much the sum will be and if needed, I go to my bank’s ATM first (to avoid paying commission for using facilities of other bank).

It is possible to pay by card in Slovenian Post offices, but again, you pay a commission if you are not a client of the bank they are connected with.

I never order stamps online as there is a philatelic section at main post office in my town.

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Via debit card. But to be honest I haven’t purchased any stamps at the local post office since years because their knowledge and organization is the biggest crap! I almost only order at the online shop.


Cash. I usually visit the post office to buy small denomination stamps like 10 sen and 20 sen to match with other stamps.