How do you dispose of your received postcards if you are not keeping them?

I cut out the stamp and recycle the rest. I used to keep every postcard but after a few hundred it became too much and I ran out of storage space. I still keep those that I feel a connection with and all handmade. I use the stamps for my handmade postcards (I usually send them in envelope but I like to make the back look real. So I write the address and stick on some used stamps).


Y’all throw yours away? :hushed: I keep all of mine in photo albums.


It might seem crazy to you right now but you are still quite new and you received only 55 postcards officially (I don’t know how many through other means). It is much easier to store that amount. But once you get to higher hundreds or thousands, it will start to be a noticeable amount. It will become a practical issue even if you want to keep all of them. Some people keep every postcard even when they have thousands, some simply don’t have the space to keep all the postcards and some people just don’t want to keep boxes and boxes of postcards. It is all valid.

I personally no longer keep every postcard but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them. There is a question of practicality but we could also go a philosophical way and ask whether keeping all old postcards really means more happines? What if someone doesn’t like clutter? Keeping thousands of postcards would make them feel bad. Does a postcard that is registered and then quickly stored away and never looked at again bring more joy than a postcards that stays on display for weeks or months before being discarded? Do we really need to keep the postcards that didn’t bring any connection?

I know when you start every postcard feels so special. It feels so wrong to throw away something someone else put effort into and sent personally to you. It felt weird to me at first too. But the postcard has already fulfilled its purpose. I think of it like a beautiful cake. You probably wouldn’t put it in the freezer to keep it forever but that doesn’t mean it didn’t bring you a lot of joy while you ate it :slight_smile:


Really well put Hana @hankadl I get tremendous pleasure from every postcard that arrives, but it’s impossible to keep them all. (I’ve now received more than 1,800 official postcards. )


I normally shred them so my address is no longer visible and then I throw that shredding away (or use it for tinder for outdoor fires). I normally take a photo of them though so I have a way to cherish them in a more digital way.

I know it sounds harsh but they served their purpose! :slight_smile:

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