How do trust levels work?

I read discourse trust levels description: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels, and it seems I will never be able to become regular?

I got regular status in Dec 2021 and obviously lost it during events this year when there were a lot of heated discussions. Seems only activity criteria and likes are subject to last 100 days window, but not offensive flags.

EDIT: As @Cassiopheia found further - 100 days snooze is for offensive flags too! But then there are tricky lines to fulfill still - like posts in 10 different topics in the public area of the forum.

Of course many users on the forum based on before mentioned discussions can argue I ought never be worthy of that status again, because I tend to express opinions which might be controversal, but I still wonder about the criteria (especially since I’m running out of likes on a daily basis and it was the only benefit of regular level) :thinking:


:scream::scream::scream: This is new to me! If this is true, I wonder if the moderation of this status is set by admins or the discourse system. However this sounds like a discrimination :sweat_smile:

Edit : I kinda hope the forum can show trust level on the profile. So it’s easier to know our trust level. (or maybe this is already a thing and I just don’t know(


I also had it and as far as I understand the rules - up to 2 weeks not showing is okay not to lose it. It has not much difference honestly - did you check regular’s lounge? :wink: But likes - I’m really using them a lot and it’s frustrating to get none for half a day

That went wrong couple times out of emotions to be honest :sweat_smile:

@catchycat Trust levels 0-3 are automatic (3 = regular) and higher levels are manual afaik


You can see it on your profile page


Your profile does show your trust level - click on your avatar & in the bottom left is your level.


The trust level from 0-3 are manual and given by the contribution and participation in the forum right. Based on this, I see that you must be in TL3, since you are participating a lot in discussions and forum activities

However if you really can’t regain it because in the past you have many of your opinions flagged, I say that’s a kind of discrimination. Perhaps admins can take a look at it, because I’m sure even if some of your posts were controversial, you have contributed enough in the forum for the good cause @Xute :love_letter:

Thank you @Bille & @LC-Canada


Not only flagged. I’m also guilty of opinions removed (so their offensive status is confirmed - I’m not proud of some of my messages, but it would be silly not to admit I might go wild in the discussion when stressed), I’m not an angel at all :rofl: I’m still curious of mechanics regardless my situation (but of course I’m noticing it because about 100 days since ‘offensive activities’ passed…)


By discourse system.


I also noticed, for example, that in the Chinese suspension topic some users came without gaining a member status (which you gain from newbie quite fast by just reading a bit and doing the tutorial) - and I couldn’t refer to them @ in the gratis offer topic! (system was saying that they don’t have access in that category and will not see my tag)

Similar limitations mentioned here: Unable to edit topic? - #2 by Feuerstuhl


:see_no_evil: we’re all human after all behind the screen (maybe some of us are AI like @postbot (joke) :joy: . So having emotional phase is a very natural

Maybe because of those 2 highlighted points you lost the TL3 status? :rofl: Since you admitted some of the posts were bad and also removed lol. @Whitelake also said the automod is set by discourse

I open forum on daily basis but there are many things I still don’t know :joy:


Hei! Untuk tahu saya bisa melakukan apa, ketik @postbot tampilkan bantuan.

Yes, most likely. But let’s say that the discussions were very emotional and whole batches of replies were flagged and removed later, not only mine. I don’t recall more than 5 times though :see_no_evil:

Later it says:

Furthermore, unlike other trust levels, you can lose trust level 3 status . If you dip below these requirements in the last 100 days, you will be demoted back to Member. However, in order to avoid constant promotion/demotion situations, there is a 2-week grace period immediately after gaining Trust Level 3 during which you will not be demoted.

And you mentioned some AI, which I will name again and it shows up immediately - what a nosy robot! :rofl:


I don’t think the no more than 5 (approved) flags stay forever. Here it says the 100 days do count for flags, too.

I don’t know what kind of notifications you got regarding flags (and no need to say here at all), but if you replied to a flagged and later removed post, you will get a system note, too (and your post will be removed as it was an answer to a removed post). Just mentioning it if by chance some of the notes were not actually about your post, but just because it was a reply to a removed post.

If I look at your stats, I’d guess you haven’t read enough posts in the last 90 100 days for a promotion to TL3.

Of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25% (capped at 20k)

Your stats say, you’ve read 8,1k posts. (Mar 19- Jun 19)

And there is always the theoretical option of manual promotion.


Thank you so much for finding that! The bans also stay for 6 months it seems. It’s interesting how many hidden functions are behind these trust levels (and not all of them described at the first link)

These were - A LOT! I can’t know whether any of them were flagged (because even neutral answers get removed if related to something bad)

Super! Then it’s all ok and I have hope of getting a luxury of double likes again, yay! Indeed I had some cooling off period in March and April when I felt very low and almost dropping all participation…


We don’t know what percentage of all new posts it is. But I think my line which is not fulfilled is the reply to 10 different topics even - that simple :thinking:

Thank you so much for searching for me and explaining :kissing_heart:


No, that’s true and I didn’t want to do the math there (afaik there is no possibility to see the number of new posts for that time frame and no one would manually count them I guess) :sweat_smile:

You know when your post was only removed because it was a reply to a later removed post. The Note will have Reply removed from flagged post by staff in the header and start with This is an automated message from Postcrossing Community to let you know that a post you replied to was removed.

Just wanted to mention these different reasons for ones post to be removed, not all counting as flags.

That should be easy to fulfill (at least I recognise you as a quite active forum member, reading your posts in different parts of the forum)! :slight_smile:

And just a quick reminder (to be complete):

Posts, likes etc do not count in non-public viewable topics / categories. (Recognisable by the little :lock: next to the title or category)


Your latest remark makes it more difficult (because all tags, RRs etc are non-public) - it should be 10 different public posts, right?

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Oh, wow! I haven’t noticed that. Now I’m really wondering if that was the case from the beginning (I honestly can’t remember, but I don’t think so). That would only include quite a few categories that are (still?) open…

#postcrossing #postcard-mail #communities and #meetups

Clearly the solution would be to make more of your awesome handmade cards and go wild in the #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery subcategory :crazy_face: :rofl:


Haha! Yes!!
On other hand - now it makes sense that every time when someone makes a topic with some question in the #postcrossing category every regular jumps in to give 100 of similar answers :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

EDIT: Also one can do a lot of necro-posting - just finding old posts in these categories where one haven’t answered yet and put some message there :crazy_face:

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Gladly it doesn’t seem to be too common here, at least I haven’t noticed it a lot.


The man does what needs to be done :headstone: :crazy_face:

(I’m guilty of necro-posting by accident though - if all new messages are read, forum starts suggesting relevant messages in the ‘suggested topics’ area in the bottom, and if one is not careful enough, one has chances to reply to a discussion of half a year, year ago)