How do Bingos work?

Collect all the postcards to call out bingo!

How do Bingos work?

A Bingo is a target number of countries or districts sent or received by Poscrossers on the official main site.

For Example, the European Union Bingo has 28 countries including your own if you are part of the EU. When you have sent or received 28 postcards from/to these countries, you can call Bingo and the other participants in your Bingo are required to send you a card for your achievement.

Please note traveling or expired cards do not count in your total, and neither do cards from other sources (like Tags or RRs).

The host of each Bingo keeps the statistics on the first post up to date and advises the participants when Bingo is reached for sent or received. If you have a new idea for Bingos, please post it in the discussion topic.

Duties of a Bingo host:

  1. Set the rules and numbers required for their Bingo.
  2. Make sure each player has followed the rules and gives genuine links to their sent and received cards. Watch for mistakes and inform the players if these happen.
  3. Keep your Bingo Statistics up to date with entries for each player.
  4. When someone gets a Bingo, inform the other players by private message that they should send a card to the Bingo winner. You may have to ask the winner for their address details if you don’t have them already. Try to check that these cards have been sent, by keeping an eye out for thank you notes on the topic.
  5. If anyone who has joined a Bingo wants to leave he/she should inform the Bingo host and send out congratulation cards if there are any due to be sent.
  6. As agreed by poll a new player who starts with an achieved Bingo gets a Congratulation Card only for their highest achieved Bingo step and not for all steps they may have achieved.

Here is a quick guide on how to create tables in this forum, which is handy for bingo hosts and participants.

Ready to start?

Before joining a game, please make sure you’ve read the Forum Guidelines. In particular, always be mindful of the private information (including addresses) you receive from others in the context of games, and use it only for the purposes for which it was given to you. If you’re not sure whether someone is OK with having their information shared with another person, ask them first.

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