How are you celebrating World Postcard Day? Share your pictures and experiences

What a really special way to celebrate and your WPD card is beautiful! :heart_eyes:

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I have to say it was definitely made easier by dividing the labor! Or even just splitting up the components over two days. My partner made the sauce yesterday and the dough tonight. I made the filling this afternoon and had it chilling in the refrigerator for a few hours before assembly time.


This looks like a big fun party!! :partying_face:

And sending WPD cards off to expired addresses is a fantastic idea. I have just one expired at tte moment, but it’s to a country I can no longer mail to (route suspension)…otherwise I would absolutely have done this too! :+1:t2:


thanks for your credits

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Yummy!! :heart_eyes: You literally just made my stomach rumble! :yum:


I’m still going here with my cards. I wrote a bunch last night, and have a few more still to go today. WPD+ :yum:

I’ve had soooooo much fun! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The mailbox postcard is so nice, it’s in my wishlist!

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Julia’s cards are so beautiful!! :heart:

a few of my WPD cards going out early this morning, at the postbox on the corner of my block. the sun just rising over lake superior in duluth, minnesota USA :blue_heart:



@pcronn i would love to swap for your meet up card. I have a boston meet up and also some loupapers and some others depending on your likes. Let me know!

It’s still World Postcard Day here in Hawaii, and my desk is a mess of postcards, stamps, pens, rubber stamps, and ink pads. Hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating the little piece of cardstock that connects us across all time zones. Onward to WPD 2023! :rofl:


Awwww…please say goodbye to WPD2022 for me. :wave:t2::wave:t2:


Such a nice and encouraging story! Thank you very much for sharing it!


Today I am ready to drop these 19 postcards in a mail box to start their journey tomorrow. :postbox: :airplane: :postcrossing: It was quite a job to prepare and write them, so now I am taking a break from postcards! :sweat_smile:


Am I the only one that’s already checking if cards have arrived already? Knowing fully well that it’s a Sunday today? xD

(Even though I put them in the mail yesterday, I live on an island so the post won’t be taken to the distribution center until Monday so there is no way the cards even left the island already and still I’m checking xD)


Heh, I checked if some of my previous traveling cards have arrived so I may have a new free slot… But, no such luck. XD I know the cards I sent yesterday can’t possibly have arrived yet! (People, including myself, sometimes register stuff on Sunday, though - anyone traveling for work knows the phenomenon…) Also, tomorrow is a national holiday in Germany, so, the first WPD cards (the ones I sent within Germany) can arrive on Tuesday the earliest - if the mailbox was emptied on Saturday mid-day as advertised. I’m a bit nervous, as always with the self-designed cards: will the recipients like them?!? Hoping for the best… :slight_smile:


I have a question, yesterday the 1st, I went to draw some addresses and it was already scheduled on the 2nd of October and it was still 8 pm, will I not win the WPD seal?

If it was still October 1st your time, then yes! You should qualify for the badge when your cards are registered :blush:


I was writing many cards yesterday and more today.
Hope they will arrive soon.
My 1st WPD ,I enjoyed myself and hope I receive cards this week.
Greets ,Silvy