How are you celebrating World Postcard Day? Share your pictures and experiences

This year was my first time celebrating World Postcard Day!
I took the opportunity to send cards to friends and relatives.
I only sent one card using Postcrossing, but I sent a total of 15 postcards!
I wrote 10 of them on WPD itself. I had 16 official WPD 2023 postcards, and 8 postcards I designed myself. I sent most people the official postcard, but to those of whom I know that they use Postcrossing, or like sending cards, I sent my own card. (So as to avoid sending them a card that they might already have received.)
First there were people to whom I already wished to send a postcard, so that was easy.
Then, I took my address book and a die, and thus selected more people to whom I would send a postcard. XD
On Monday, I wrote the other five cards, two of which I wrote in the early afternoon, all of which I have antedated. :innocent:
On my way from university to the train station, in order to get home, I came across a post box, where the mail carrier was just then collecting the post. So I have handed my postcards personally to the mail person! (Which means I did not get to take a picture of it, because there was no time for that.)
However, I had then only written two cards that day; the other three were written while on my way home. Of those three postcards, I was able to take a picture! :slight_smile:

I also sent a postcard to the Postcrossing team.

And later that week, I noticed a mail carrier bringing around post. Since I happened to carry the left-over official WPD 2023 postcards with me, I took one out of my bag and wrote a thank you on it for the mail person, and offering a postal hug if he would ever need one.

It was a good thing, this World Postcard Day!

I have uploaded my own World Postcard Day design on Ko-Fi, available for free if anyone wants it.


I know they haven’t been travelling long at all (especially for some of these countries/distances), but I can’t help but feel excited for my 10 World Postcard Day officials to start arriving. :star_struck::dizzy::star2::dove: I wonder if there are others like me who are still waiting? We are excited together :laughing:!


Meeeeeee! :raised_hand: I requested 5 and they’re all still traveling. I sent them through Lisbon so that they could have a special postmark and naturally that delays things a bit… but I can’t wait for them to start arriving!


Meeeeeeeeeeeeee toooooooooooo!

I sent six cards on WPD - well, we had a public holiday here on the Monday, so they didn’t start moving until Tuesday 3rd October. None have arrived yet… but I feel sure touchdown is imminent!

Happy cake day @meiadeleite! :cake::partying_face:


Some of my cards received already :grinning:


My card is still traveling… But it’s traveling to Russia, so I don’t worry, it’s the normal travel time (30 - 60 days) :slight_smile:

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It’s seams that I wasn’t lucky this time to get an official WPD card myself, but it’s okay :slight_smile: I got one from the forum und maybe (high hopes!) there is a card only traveling slowly to me?.. :blush:

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I only had two slots free on the big day, both still travelling! :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

Yesterday I received a postcard from Japan that had reached me in just 5 days, it baffles me why my cards take so long to get anywhere :frowning:

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Received my WPD badge :raised_hands: :postcrossing:


3 WPD postcards arrived yesterday. Apparently the Norwegian postal service had a hard time reading my address on one postcard, although the handwriting was nice and clear… So they did add a sticker where they had printed my address. Not the first time this happens. But normally they fold the end and glue it together, rather than sticking it to the front of the postcard.


That’s a bit sad!

I just received a card written on WPD with a sticker from the postal service as well…

I was sad, but then I realised the other options for putting this sticker were over the message or at the front, then on the stamps is indeed the best worst choice :wink:

I mean who can bear to put a sticker on this awesome illustration?


Yay! My first WPD has arrived!
…and it is to fellow forum member @scrutiny, who wrote me a lovely Hurray too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I received a lovely World Postcard Day card yesterday because I had taken part in the forum lottery - by Ana & Paulo! :slight_smile: Thanks so much to the two of them! I thought that I wouldn’t receive a card with this year’s card motif and now I got a very special one after all :slight_smile:


Random question though. What are y’all doing with the leftover cards from WPD Day or the WPD Hugs Series? I still have so many of them left. The printery where I ordered them told me they’d send 25 but sent 40 of each design. That was generous though but most people already have the cards. :sweat_smile:


I’m sending them as officials throughout the month


Can always keep them for next year too. Especially for new members who (will) join in 2024 :partying_face: . Or new members who join after 2023 WPD. So they won’t miss WPD 2024


This is also a great idea, haven’t thought about that! I joined this year too and haven’t seen much of the previous WPD’s either! :slight_smile:


@juki13 You can also chose to participate in RR with WPD groups. I do and it is fun to send and receive so many different designs for WPD.

I’ve never been participating in a RR before, but guess it is a good call to try it. :smiley: Just signed up for one and hope I did it right :sweat_smile:

I just received my first international WPD postcard.

It’s from Meeting cards tag, thank you Jo @JustJo for telling me your amazing meet-up experience. I didn’t go to a meet-up this year, but I went to a meet-up last year and got some WPD postcards to share with others.
There were some meet-ups here in China on WPD as well. I received this WPD card from a Chinese postcard pal. This card is illustrated by Heiyin.

Sadly I didn’t have any slots on WPD this year, I will try to get the WPD badge next year (hope I won’t quit at that time…). But I’m very happy to know that one of my Chinese postcard pals Harlyn got her first WPD badge yesterday.