How are you celebrating World Postcard Day? Share your pictures and experiences

I sent five cards today, all official, all to Germany. I hope they’ll be postmarked today as well, I made a little detour to the one mailbox at the post office where my hopes are highest for that to happen.

Otherwise, I could rely on USPS taking five/six days (card went out on Monday) to deliver a postcard to the East Coast, so one WPD postcard arrived in Pittsburgh today …


We had a lovely small meetup in Portland, Oregon today. One person sent their very first Postcrossing card from the meetup!
Sadly, we completely forgot to take a picture of all of us together.


Oh that’s really special and lovely!! :blush:

Your card is amazing, Gerda! :smiley::hedgehog::love_letter:

I celebrated today by sending 24 cards to 12 different countries. Four were official Postcrossing cards and the rest were swaps and surprises to family. I also ate some ravioli. :smile:

Happy World Postcard Day, everyone! :two_hearts:


Well I worked on WPD, but thankfully I work from home so was able to write cards in… let’s say “breaks” in case my bosses are watching.

Took a large bundle of cards to the box after work, mostly to friends and relatives but also some official Postcrossing cards (the ones that aren’t the WPD card are official, I had some profiles that felt like they wouldn’t enjoy the official card so I picked something else for them).

Now what to do with my left over cards!


In Chennai, India we also celebrate the WPD with the young college students. Most of them are new to postcrossing. We encourage them with WPD stickers. Dr.T.Jaisakthivel spoke on Round Robin, Mr. Vicknesh Spoke on Introduction to postcrossing and the senior postcrosser Mr.Swaminathan spoke on Importance of sustainability in postcrossing.


I celebrated World Postcard Day by sending WPD cards to the expired ones so that I can send some more when traveling cards are registered. I also took the time to send cards to friends, acquaintances and family members.

More importantly, I brought my two nieces and a nephew to the post office to send their first ever postcard and what a day it was for those children. Supposedly, select children from the island will join them, but due to inclement weather, I have to postpone it to a later date. Thankfully, the post office allows a few blank WPD postcards (with postage stamps already) stamped on October 1 so the children can still send them later.

Last Saturday, the children prepared thank you postcards and postcards for other children.


I forgot to add. We also made the “official food” - ravioli. :blush: I made the filling and cooked them, and my partner made the dough, sauce, and shaped them. He was very supportive of this special World Postcard Day! (They are vegan/plant-based :seedling: :v: and were amazingly delicious.)


They look amazing! I’ve never tried making my own, I absolutely should!


What a really special way to celebrate and your WPD card is beautiful! :heart_eyes:

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I have to say it was definitely made easier by dividing the labor! Or even just splitting up the components over two days. My partner made the sauce yesterday and the dough tonight. I made the filling this afternoon and had it chilling in the refrigerator for a few hours before assembly time.


This looks like a big fun party!! :partying_face:

And sending WPD cards off to expired addresses is a fantastic idea. I have just one expired at tte moment, but it’s to a country I can no longer mail to (route suspension)…otherwise I would absolutely have done this too! :+1:t2:


thanks for your credits

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Yummy!! :heart_eyes: You literally just made my stomach rumble! :yum:


I’m still going here with my cards. I wrote a bunch last night, and have a few more still to go today. WPD+ :yum:

I’ve had soooooo much fun! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The mailbox postcard is so nice, it’s in my wishlist!

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Julia’s cards are so beautiful!! :heart:

a few of my WPD cards going out early this morning, at the postbox on the corner of my block. the sun just rising over lake superior in duluth, minnesota USA :blue_heart:



@pcronn i would love to swap for your meet up card. I have a boston meet up and also some loupapers and some others depending on your likes. Let me know!