How are you celebrating World Postcard Day? Share your pictures and experiences

Gorgeous postmark @FoTiS!


Happy postcard day! You can feel Autumn starting here in portugal, with the temperature dropping (finally). I’ll be writing postcards today, with a warm drink near, and the TV on F1 for background noise


I set my account back to active after keeping it inactive for two weeks to be some cards due on WPD, to reduce the lack of addresses a little bit, that we had last year.
And I pulled one address, wrote the card and will put it in the letterbox later.


Thanks Anna, also Happy World Postcard Day to you and thanks for all the work concerning Postcrossing you do together with Paulo!!! For me PC means everything because it’s something I can do although I’m chronically ill. I’m so glad I found PC almost 2 years ago!! It makes me so HAPPY!!!


I’m happy to hear that. Happy World Postcard Day! :tada:

Our table is a mess of postcards and stamps, and I’ve eaten a few stamp-shaped cookies while writing my postcards and keeping an eye on social media, which is buzzing with people celebrating all around the world.
So heartwarming! Plus, the site is holding up ok so far, so yay!


We have wpd meet up in 4 different places in Hangzhou, China


Yummie what a good idea about the chocolate cookies!! I’m going to buy them today and by eating them I think my creative writing will improve immediately!!



Today I sent out some postcards! Forgot to take a picture because I put them out early morning :slight_smile: But they wont have the 1 Oct postmark because I dropped it into a regular mailbox (they dont collect on Saturdays) :frowning:


No, I didn’t want to get the winner card, because so many people would send it, so I bought 10 cards on a website that designed a few themselves. I got 2 Postcrossing winner cards for free so I’m mailing those also of course :slight_smile:


I also waited for today to sent 9 postcrossing members a card. Fun.
Happy postcrossing on World postcard day.
Kind greetings from Sandra. Netherland.


My first batch for today, not the official ones but all to friends I’ve met on PC! And later on today I’ll send 5 official ones.


I wrote a blog about it on Postcards to Phuket and finished/published my catalogue listing all Postcrossing-themed stamps issued since 2011. Postcrossing Topical Catalogue 2011-2022 | Mark Joseph Jochim


Happy World Postcard Day!!

I drew the first 5 cards between midnight and 1 am my time and wrote them right away.

This morning, I set my account back to active to help with available addresses. I should have around 25 cards due :grin:

The first bunch of cards including cards to friends, swaps and RASs went to the PO at noon, hopefully they will be processed today!

We have abysmal weather with heavy rain, so I’ll keep writing during the afternoon :smiley:


I also set my account back to active after a few weeks inactive. I’m due 21 postcards, but I expect there will be a few more arriving than that.

These are the postcards that my husband and I wrote and they will be posted today. We’ll probably draw a couple more addresses later on, but they won’t be posted until Tuesday.


I didn’t even think about the postmark - but, I mailed the first batch of postcards before noon, which means the mailbox has (hopefully) been emptied and the cards will be processed today. Between my boyfriend and me, we already mailed 34 (!!!) cards with our own WPD design. (Not all of them official - some private swaps and some greetings to friends and family members were invlved, of course.) We had ordered a batch of 50, which seemed a bit excessive, but… 25 (the only lower amount the print shop offered) wouldn’t have been enough. LOL Now I simply hope I find some more swap partners during the day so I won’t be left with too many ‘leftover’ cards!

Actually, I’m wondering: what do I do if the cards don’t get used today? It seems somewhat wasteful (not to mention environmentally unfriendly) to throw them away…

(Also, I hope my address gets drawn today and someone will send me the official card… Last year, despite getting lots of cards from that day including some awesome ‘inofficial’ designs, somehow, I didn’t get the ‘official’ design, which was a statistical miracle. Fortunately, a nice person from this forum sent me that one in a private swap - much later!)


Don’t throw them away!!! You can send them at any time of the year if the profile seems right. As an example, if someone says they like meetup cards, I think they would probably enjoy WPD postcards too, especially if they’re a unique design. I know I would, and I wouldn’t care what date it was sent.


I wrote seven postcards this morning and I think that’s enough. :relieved: The cards don’t go out until Monday because the post doesn’t work here on weekends. Most of the postcards go to Germany and USA but I also got Norway. Hurrah!

The official Postcrossing site was working normally in the morning, but when I tried it just now the site slowed down. :joy:


These cards are so cute!! Who designed them?

Papersisters! @adriennefriend
But I’m not sure if the question was meant for me or for whom! :sweat_smile: