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I have just noticed that on the Home Page, under Postcrossing, it says

Discussion about this site, how it works, and how we can improve it.

That seems to indicate that the General Topics category is only for discussion about this forum.

Therefore it is not obvious where one should put a question or comment or invite comments on sending and receiving, choosing, failing to choose, user profiles and all the other things covered in General Topics on the old forum.

Should all such questions now go into “Postcard chat!” (not my exclamation mark)?

Edited to add: when you actually go INTO the General Topics category, the headline is

This is where we talk about everything and anything Postcrossing-related.

which is in contradiction to the superior/upper home page headline. People are obviously confused because they are posting general queries in both places. :puzzled:


You seem to have interpret the “this site” in the description for #postcrossing as the forum but it’s actually intended for the entire website.

As for #postcard-mail:postcard-chat, it’s more focused on the act of sending and receiving cards, not necessarily linked with Postcrossing. But #postcrossing:general-topics (the sub-category under #postcrossing) is closely related to the participation of Postcrossing. (The “Postcrossing” in its description is not about the website. but the act itself)

I would admit that it’s a bit confusing at the beginning, but keep in mind that the forum is less than two weeks old and we have a lot spit-and-polish to do plus a lot to get used t.

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