Holy Grail Wishes Fufilled

I saw a recent conversation thread asking members what card they most wished for, but it didnt suggest that anyone could fulfill them (a European member longed for an Elvis card with stamp sent from Memphis, so I filled part of her wish with a Graceland card & Elvis stamp).

So lets try this! What is your Holy Grail wish? Hopefully someone here can grant it for you! I’m thinking more gift than trade, but you and your Postcard Fairy can work out the details as you prefer.

Is there a place or person special to your heart? An object or monument that has importance to you? Lets see some fun wishes (you only get 1 so make it super special)


What a fun idea for a thread, I’ll give it a shot! I’m in search of a postcard that features a really pretty view of the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec (in the fall or winter season, if possible). If any Canadian Postcrossers have something, I’m more than willing to see if we could work out a trade!


@brightblue, I have a few views of the Chateau Frontenac that you are welcome to, but they are not very nice and I will not be offended if you hold out for a beautiful one! But pm me if you would like one of these.

I have been longing for the Where’s Waldo postcard with the post office. I have the postal themed cards of many of the illustrators (Inge Look, Blue Cats, etc.) but not that one!


I have a request for something that is probably rare but possibly out there somewhere: a vintage card from a Stuckey’s Restaurant. Not a reproduction or a modern Stuckey’s inside a gas station, but rather an actual old card from a real Stuckey’s Restaurant located anywhere in the US. Check out this video: Take A Trip Down Memory Lane At Stuckey’s Roadside Shop - YouTube. I remember stopping at Stuckey’s on our family roadtrips in the 1970s.


Any new wishes for 2023? Place them here and hopefully a Postcard Fairy can fufill


I collect postcards with my favorite Indian actors Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, but they are hard to find.
And I wonder if there’s anything related to the new Shahrukh’s film - “Pathaan”. Postcards, stickers, pocket calendars, notebooks, etc… :pray: