Help with reading and commenting on long threads

Hi all,
I am probably missing something really obvious but I am going crazy. I am quite new and find a lot of the threads fascinating but they have about 1000 replies. If I reply to something it automatically takes me to the end of the thread and I lose my place. Is there any way to comment without being taken to the bottom of the thread?

Your answer is linked to the item you commented on.
At the right top of your post you see whom you replied to, click there and you go back to that post


You can quote posts! That will open the reply field right away at the spot you are on (at least it works like that on laptop) Then you can just continue to read and quote the selected parts + write reply to each thing as they come. However if you want to reply to each post then it gets complicated (quoting is also much better so you will not end up making several posts right after another)

Edit: This is how you make a quote

Just select the part you want, highlight it and the "Quote button will pop up. Klick it, and the reply field is right there with you.


Hello dear @clareaye,

Like @Kompis-Ninna wrote, you can “quote posts”.

You also can scroll :

Keep scrolling

reading topics

You can read this topic for more information and “help”.

Forum user guide

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I klick the button, but nothing happened :persevere:. Is this because I use cellphone, not computer? :thinking:

No. I quoted this on my smartphone and it worked.