Help! Ideas for what to use for washi tape samples?

Hi everyone,

Long story short, I used to make washi tape samples using trading cards but am running out of them.

I’m not really keen on spending money to buy plastic cards just for wrapping washi tape samples, so I’m looking for ideas on what else I could use for washi tape samples? Could only think of these:

  • packaging boxes (plastic ones that can be cut to correct sizes)
  • unused bookmarks
  • junk mailer name cards (but I don’t feel comfortable about this, it’s not nice to use other people’s name cards)

What do people normally use besides these?? Any ideas? Help!

(Or maybe I should try the trade forum to trade washi tape samples for trading cards :rofl::rofl::rofl:)


You could buy some very cheap playing cards. Those work very well for washi samples.


Actually, that’s such a good idea using trading cards. I sometimes send Pokemon Cards to my penpals and never thought I could combine it with washi samples. You are a genius!


I use pieces of cardboard (from food packages mostly) and wrap them in one of these that I cut to the right size:

And I received washi tape samples on a piece of cardboard wrapped in tinfoil. That also worked sursprisingly well.


Thank you @Cassiopheia , @SoothingSpiral and @BrokkoliKatze for your replies!

Never thought about aluminium foil, and those plastic holders around cardboard are an excellent idea.

I remembered I had some of those plastic a4 holders lying around that I no longer use and found them in a box with some OHP plastic which I have no use for either, so that will definitely last me for a while!

Also decided to just a set up a trade request in the Other Trades section of the forum lol

Hoping that more people will see this thread and keep the ideas coming! This is great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Another idea: small piece of cardstock/piece of cereal box, covering with washi tape on the front and back (maybe also use some gluestick), wrap around your washi tape samples. You could cut it like a tag that looks always pretty.

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