Hello, i would like to know more about ex-Yugoslavian countries

hello, greetings from Japan,

i am looking for people who could either send me typed or handwritten letters (one or two letters) by answering several questions of mine regarding ex-Yugoslavian countries, mainly historical matters. i prefer physical letters, offline.

i know i can look online about the overall history but i am afraid i can only read English and Japanese, not your languages in your countries, so i consider that is not quite right about learning and knowing about ex-Yugoslavian countries in depth.

could some people here help me learn more about ex-Yugoslavian countries? i would really like to know your viewpoints from all sides, and i would much appreciate it if i could hear from people in all countries/ regions in ex-Yugoslavian countries.

in return, i will try to send you what you want from Japan, especially paper items like cards, letters from me about Japan, stamps, stationeries, and so on.

please feel free to message me anytime. i will be waiting for your response.


Hello again!

Here is an update:

I am now expecting a letter from a person in Bosnia and Herzegovina and today I received a letter from a person in Slovenia. I heard from a person in Serbia too. I feel so greatful that I hear from the locals about ex-Yugoslavian countries.

I still wish to hear more from the locals. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you!

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I heard from another person in Serbia and I feel so grateful. Anyone else?

By the way, this is off-topic but may I suggest to create a thread in this ex-Yugoslavian Community where other people can post in English, like English Corner?

I would like to communicate with people over there somehow but I dislike to create a new thread again and again.

Thank you!

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