Have you ever gotten a card with a political or religious message?

I think it was the card you show.
All I can say is that I was shocked and sad to received such a card.

I collect Royal rulers, not dictators or mass murderers like Stalin, Hitler or Mao.

Rulers of the Word Series

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Thank you - fantastic card :slight_smile:


And yet you have in your favourites from Belgium, Leopold II (BE-799036) who’s guilty of horrible atrocities in Congo, 10 million dead. Just saying :woman_shrugging: It’s history, Royal rulers were not better. And in Rulers of Lithuania series there is a card with Hitler =)

EDIT: Also to add on historical things - Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia, cards with whom there are multiple in your favourites also is guilty of that, for example: Bloody Sunday (1905) - Wikipedia

And still I don’t think the person was intending to offend you in any way (unless the message was unkind) and could not read your mind prior to sending that your reaction would be like that


Okay, okay.
You’re right about Leopold II. And Nicholas II.
Catherine the Great was also not nice… and Wilhelm II. was a bully.

OMG! I’m glad I didn’t get the Hitler postcard :woman_facepalming:


I think that this is a perfect example of how our profiles can communicate and mis-communicate in equal measure.
The person sending the card probably thought that they had found the perfect card for you!

@Xute I think that you have it just right:

I realise that there are a minority of Postcrossers who try to use the site as a platform for spreading political and religious messages, and that this can be very hurtful, but I am convinced that most people are just trying to send a card that the recipient will like, and to communicate something of themselves in the message, if they are able.


It seems that some people were offended by the Japanese sending postcards of the “Atomic Bomb Dome”.
In Japan, besides being a general tourist card, it is also very common to mourn the victims of war with art.
I understand that there are many people who are not good at it :sob:
It’s difficult :sweat: but, I would like you to know that most Japanese people basically send it as a sightseeing card or with the feeling of “I want you to know” :slightly_smiling_face:

This is Koji Suzuki’s “dome talk” art card.


Yes I have received a political and religious card. They both had messages. I dont mind. really. But I would prefer if they told me about their day, what they were doing, a thought. meal they last had, a good movie or the name of the book they are reading or where they want to travel to next. Just like having a friendly conversation with a friend for a moment.

Exactly, i get politics card. I was born in Crimea and very funny reading messages people who never live or attend in Crimea but they try to prove something :expressionless: How they can write strange messages for me??? I’m better know what happened in my homeland :neutral_face:


I did recently. Though it was politely worded, it did have a very zealous message. It also hinted at the sender having visited my city as part of their mission. I am quite upset as it amounts to a gross misuse of my personal information, esp. when my profile clearly mentions I do not want to receive religious cards. It was not only a religious card but came with two religious pamphlets as inclusions. A bad taste in the mouth for sure. I have reported the matter but haven’t heard back on it yet.


Of course I’m so sorry you feel this way; bad taste.

As I don’t know what exactly they wrote, I can’t talk about this individual case, but in general, something to think about:

Maybe the sender didn’t read your profile, or they read it only until where you tell you are not picky? And they thought it’s true, and so they send what tells most of who they​ are, their life and views etc.

And whatever the case, like you wrote, it was politely worded. I don’t think it’s very “forcing” religion to you then, hopefully. Right?

When you joined, you have accepted you can’t make demands. Just like you, they can send whatever card they like. So, even religious.

You wrote card in envelope is ok, they did do that, and like it’s ok to include something, they did that too. ( “If you want, you can also send other things with your postcard (for instance, a letter, photo or pamphlet” from Postcrossing F.A.Q.).

(Edit, removed misunderstood part) You can hope not religious, but still it’s good to treat every card like they did not read your profile at all. (Because there are members who don’t know English or just don’t read the profile.)

The part in your profile where you threaten members with legal actions does sound to me like very unneeded part. If someone starts to spam you, you don’t have to give them warning. And for what I experienced here, it’s really not needed to have such in profile. It does make your profile a little hostile. or perhaps even like a little threatening, that you should be sent what you like (and nothing else). I know you can’t say so, but others might take it more serious.

Maybe take a little time to think if this is your hobby. The major countries at the moment (Germany and USA) are both countries with many religious members. You need to stay respectful towards them too, even when they don’t read your profile and send something you don’t like.

But: the reporting is correct thing to do. Probably you don’t need to register it, as they have a habit of understanding this style of feeling hurt.

There has been earlier, where a member was suspended (?) when they only send religious leaflets if I remember correct. (That is not ok. Every envelope should have the postcard.) But as you got the postcard and it was polite, then it’s ok. (But of course I don’t know what was written, like I wrote.)

What’s wrong with that?
Even the “what should I write on a postcard” -part tells this:

  • Did you ever travel to the place where your card is going? Recall your best memory of that place.

So, there’s nothing wrong with telling such thing.

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I think the problem might be the implication that the person may use the knowledge of the address to send more religious material? As someone who’s agnostic, I would read “I’ve done religious work near you” and the pamphlets together and be quite worried that they’re going to try and convert me further esp. since the website has given them my address. I don’t know what they did with it - maybe they signed me up for religious things, maybe I’m in their address book now?

I agree that it’s a bit harsh to threaten legal action however I think the fact that she doesn’t want religious postcards is fine. It’s not fair to say that postcrossing is a bad hobby to have just because of a lack of religion, especially if someone isn’t following the actual goals of postcrossing - you’re meant to make a connection, not push your views onto someone else.

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“Just because you don’t have a god, doesn’t mean you can dictate that other members shouldn’t write about their (religious) life or gods. You can hope that, but still it’s good to treat every card like they did not read your profile at all. (Because there are members who don’t know English or just don’t read the profile.)”

–Not sure where this comes from. My having a god or not is immaterial. I respect everyone’s authentic self (and religion) but I am also sensitive enough to know what’s propaganda and what’s not. Also, I have heard back from support–sending religious material is not in line with the PX project’s vision. Religious pamphlets are not the same as touristy pamphlets or things that show the local color like a flyer/coaster from an iconic restaurant.


But @PostcrossingSuch wrote that the card was politely worded, so I wouldn’t call such thing polite.
(or was there like a threat but written politely :cold_face: )

Yes, if there is such thing mentioned, like “I will be sending you more material in future” that’s wrong.
But I don’t know what the card said, only that it was polite and they had travelled in the receiver’s city.

It’s good it’s reported.

Yes, of course, like any wish, but at the same time they know they might get religious cards.

Exactly what I thought at the time. Thanks!

It might not be actually said, but more what feels “implied” by someone sending such material and having your address via postcrossing - especially when they chose to send multiple pieces of religious material like the pamphlet.
Like how someone sending you an ad feels: you know they have your address and can send more, and often there’s little you can do about it.

I don’t know how to explain it but I have religious family and sometimes you can just “feel” that they want to convert you… even if polite, I think that behaviour is ok to be reported.

And yes, you can say that of anything on postcrossing, but there is a line. The way I understand the rules, you should reach out if the contents of the card make you feel uncomfortable, even if they’re fully polite and technically within what the site says is sendable.

You need to be mindful of those sending you cards, of course, and nothing you say is ever a demand on here… but also the one sending things to you needs to be mindful of what they send! Especially if it’s religious or political.


Yes, like I wrote, I think earlier someone is suspended/closed their account because misusing be only sending religious leaflets. It’s not the case now.

And the f.a.q. doesn’t tell what pamphlets are or aren’t ok.

Oh, I just though you see it relevant when you mention it in your profile.
I misunderstood then, sorry.
(Reading your profile I would be “scared” to write about something normal religion-related, in fear you think it’s propaganda - when to me propaganda is not between two people, one time, it’s affecting masses).

I have taken my time to understand this project before joining. Asking to not receive “religious material” has very little to do with being “picky.” It is not the same as saying “don’t send me floral cards or picture postcards.” It is a bit like saying I do not seek religious conversations in this channel. Please keep it neutral. There are SO many other topics out there. And, this was not from Germany or the US. I have has TONS of fun cards from Germany.


Technically the FAQ does - it says just postcards. So just the one card. I would report or at least warn anyone that sent anything that had other pieces aside from a card, no? Because that doesn’t follow the ‘rule’ of postcrossing… at least the way I understand it. If I want pamphlets or teas or anything, I do a swap via the forums.

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Thank you for this comparison, I actually never thought this way or didn’t think someone does!
Someone sending me any leaflet or whatever, I think it’s just what they wanted to send to me. I simply don’t think any more of it.