“Happy Postcrossing” Text Cards

Maybe some of them have postcrosser’s block, who knows…


I always feel like these people don’t care, they are just mass producing cards with no thought whatsoever. Maybe they collect cards or stamps and don’t care about the text at all. Maybe they don’t even look at the profile because they don’t care about you, they print the IDs and addresses, glue them randomly on a stack of cards and drop them in the box. Perhaps they only care about receiving cards and are building up their numbers with the least effort. A new user wouldn’t know to say it so I know it is not them.

To me these cards are just trash. I donate the stamps and bin the rest.

There’s always something! I ask a question in my profile to help these people. I would happily take a card that just says I like carrot cake on it, even if that is a rubbish cake…


That’s what i do as well, i habe each month 1 questions for someone who looks on my profile where Ím curious about :slight_smile: I hope that helps as i love to receive cards with a lot of text haha


We are all human. And none of us made of stone (even if it’s a very cheerful stone with lots of things to tell). We all have good days and bad days. And many of us sometimes don’t feel like to say/write anything using words, but still feel the need to say something with a card at least.

Even those who seem to be hunting for cards and stamps only, building up numbers and not giving us life novels or avoiding our endlessly random questions, even they do make an essential for Postcrossing effort of sending a postcard. And it’s worth something too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn’t think of such card as trash. Normally I just say thank you, add a few words about the things I liked about the card and move on to sending cards and telling silly facts about me to other people. :blush:


Sometimes i lost my idea for say something
Just write say hello and also happy postcrossing its more better for me


Sometimes I just put stickers and stamps on my cards…
Depends how I feel…:blush::blush:


Received from him too a while ago. It made me sad because I’m also suffering from arthrosis in my hands.


Does anyone else receive cards with just ‘Happy Post-crossing’ written on their postcards.
I am pleased that the majority of people do write a message but I am disappointed in those that do not - to me it is a waste of a stamp and card if you do not write a message.


Yeah.but sometimes people have tendency to not know what to write. Especially when they have a lot of postcard to write n post in one time.


Sometimes people are just in love with this hobby, but don’t master English very well. Or they just collect stamps from different countries and postcrossing is a nice way of achieving them. Or, like @MuhammadZaheer said, sometimes they just have too many to write at once. Or… there could be many reasons. I don’t really like it either, but it is what it is.


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I do it, if the profile does not really tell about the addressee, but only lists what I can write about. In these cases I cannotreally connect to the addressee.

The profile is the space for the adddressee to introduce themselves as person to the sender, not just to list some wishes.


I had some cards with i am from…
And happy postcrossing

I find it sad when all I get is a “Happy Postcrossing”. Then when I go to their profile it says, “please write a nice message, I love hearing about you” or something like that. I am always like :flushed: :frowning_face:


I’ve gotten one that literally just said “Happy Postcrossing” and a few with variations that weren’t much better “Happy Postcrossing from X” or “Hope you are well” et cetera.

One was from a fairly new member in China who’s profile sounded like it had been run through a translator, so okay, maybe they only learned how to write one phrase in English. That’s understandable.

The others were from very high-volume members who seemed to have a fine grasp on English, and it’s those people I felt disappointed in. Granted, they could still have arthritis or something, but if that were the case they could also write one meaningful message instead of sitting down to pump out 50 cards in a row that just say “Hope you are well.” I think most of those cards come from collectors who just couldn’t care less about the connection aspect of Postcrossing. It’s worse than getting no mail at all, because first I see a postcard, and then it’s such a letdown to flip it over and see that there’s no real message.


I’ll confess I’ve done this when I’ve been in travel mode and with some private swaps when I was traveling. I wanted to send as much as I could from harder to get countries but was short on time. I felt a bit bad about it, but also thought it was better than nothing.

Often I think language is a key reason.

I always write a message on my postcards and I’ve never just written ‘Happy Postcrossing’ or anything like that.

But I just want to provide the perspective that it’s the hardest thing for me to do. I’m autistic and I love spending time reading the profile, choosing a suitable card, applying the stamps, and writing the address, all in a systematic and procedural way.

When it comes to write the message I feel panic and stress. It’s hard for me to ‘connect’ with someone I don’t know. I find it hard enough to talk to my next-door neighbour. This is also why my profile says that I don’t mind how much or little one writes on their postcard to me.

I know that it’s considered rude to write a short and generic message so I make an effort not to, and I have a script of things to say about my town and my life. But most of my postcards say quite similar things.

I know that’s probably very uncommon and there would be more common reasons why people write Happy Postcrossing, but I hope my story might open up a small window of compassion that a small number of people have challenges and/or disabilities you might not think of.


Last week on the same day I got four “non message” cards.
Two with no message at all, not a word, maybe from same member or family, one where a short Chinese line, perhaps happy postcrossing, and one with German text.

But, that’s not at all normal. I looked my last postcards and didn’t find an empty one, or a card with just “Happy Postcrossing!” so it was funny to receive these on a same day.

Good thing there is also the picture side, stamps and maybe travel signs.

I believe they don’t know enough English, they just started, don’t have anything to write to me (I once got a message where the sender told that I’m the opposite of them, and they don’t have anything what to write to me - and then in their profile they mentioned being outgoing, talkative, bubbly, friendly, get along with anyone person. I think in real life this is the person who doesn’t even know or care if I exist :smile: so maybe it was good in that way, that they encountered someone so different to them, that they became “muted” for a second :sweat_smile: (it wasn’t sounding bad, and only made me laugh)

One thing that I see more and more, that people show the messages in their instagram, tiktok, youtube, and some people might think it’s best not to write anything.

I don’t consider it’s rude to write a short message.
Connection can be also the picture, stamps, and that the postcards arrives. Maybe a drawing, stickers etc. Not all communication is words.

Still, I like that there are different cards. Long message, short message, informative, personal etc.


I like this sentence so much, sometimes we forget this side, the many difficulties some users might be going through and how important the connection may be at that time of their lives

(Of course in the middle there are also those that just don’t care and send something just so they can receive, but I like to believe it’s the minority)


I received once a postcard from someone that is high in the stats of their country (first sender or around that number) it was printed, everything, the address, the message, nothing other than the address was dedicated to me, it was a “template for all”. I admit I was taken down by it, it made me feel like part of a chain production.
I stopped to think what good I could take from it, and surprisingly it was a lot: it was a beautiful Postcard, beautiful stamps, the info printed at the back was interesting, and mainly, it taught me how valuable it is to take a time to dedicate to that person that will receive the message.
Sometimes we get perfect cards, front back message, connection…sometimes we need to make an effort to see beyond!

(And thank goodness for the Forum here where we can talk about all that!!! :heartpulse:)

(Sorry I went a bit off topic with this comment, but it was the first thing that came to my mind…
When I receive a postcard with only Happy Postcrossing at first I think I failed to communicate something in my profile and that person couldn’t find something to connect with me, but most of all I think maybe that person was in a hurry, or too sad to write, or couldn’t find the words…)