“Happy Postcrossing” Text Cards / Cards with no or little Text

An illness or language difficulties make sense to me but a lack of time doesn’t… if you don’t have time to write more than an address on a card, you shouldn’t be pulling addresses. If you pull an address and then something happens that means you don’t have time anymore, I think you should wait to send it until you have time — the person receiving it doesn’t know it’s on the way so really the only person negatively affected is the sender (by not having a slot re-opened for a longer time). Even if you reason that a new Postcrosser will be disappointed by having no postcard in their letterbox for a longer period of time, they’ll be more disappointed by a postcard with no message.

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When in doubt, talk about the weather!


Postcrossing found the ID and I contacted the member.

What @Selena recommended was exactly what had happened. The member took a stack of postcards outside to take pictures of them and mine must have ended up in the to be send pile without being ready…

Both, the other member and I, are still perplexed that it found its way like that all the way from the US to my place in Germany within a few days.


I’m so glad the card found you! Sometimes the simplest explanation is the answer :nerd_face:

When I don’t know what to write, because the profile does not “click” or speak to me, or little or nothing is written in their profile, then I write about the basics: the weather, some details about my city or region and what it is known for, my pets or hobbies, and in the past year, I have started to include a question or two for the recipient. Here’s one example: ”My favorite season is Fall, I enjoy the cool nights, harvest fruits and vegetables, and the upcoming holidays. What is your favorite season?” or something like this. I’ve been enjoying the replies! :smiling_face:
When I started Postcrossing, I found it challenging to share about myself, but now I enjoy it more, without sharing personal or private information.


Being rather a “foodie” I’ll throw in references to dishes from their country (region) as well, such as “Brazil is known for feijoada here, but my favorite at Brazilian joints would be …” That sort of thing.


That is very unorthodox but wow! It seems so fascinating

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Some have mobility issues making it challenging to write a lot.

Due to cervical spondylitis, I sometimes have pain, numbness/tingling in my arms and fingers, making it very difficult for me to even write a sentence.

However, I am much better now but it was very bad last year.


Well today i got my very first card with only Happy postcrossing on it. Which was a little bit dissapointing, but ok. On the profile it even says the person is a poet… well… i would’ve loved a little poem on my card or something :laughing: .
Normally i always respond in my Hurray message a little more about what they have written. But this time, since there was only that i could only send a thank you back in the hurray message.

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Last week I’ve received a postcard with almost no text and a sticker with the address of the sender. I’ve stated in my profile that if the sender wishes a card in return to include their address. So I wrote back. I wrote quite a bit about the plans for my upcoming holiday…