Hannover/Niedersachsen February Meetup, 03.02.2023 (English-Speaking friendly)

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Hannover/Niedersachsen
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Mövenpick (Georgstraße 35, 30159 Hanover)
:calendar: DATE: 03.02.2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12:00 - 17:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Have tea/coffee, eat some cake & sign cards!

Edit: Above you can see the updated Plans (Stand 14.01.2023).


  1. Me
  2. Sabithos (Thomas & Sabine)
  3. Lulila
  4. Moonlight1978
  5. Klara11er
  6. Dororose
  7. Dackelerna
  8. Eriberry
  9. inky_fingers
  10. Weselfee79
  11. Prisha
  12. Sonja (Meeresleuchten)
  13. Dreamcatcherin79
  14. WanderingStar
  15. Maikind3

I’m not a native German speaker so if there are any postcrossers that also aren’t and would like to come, I would love to speak english with you!
Also I would like to add that if you’re anywhere in Lower Saxony, you can buy the Niedersachsen Ticket for relatively cheap and come/go back on the same day. It costs between 25 and 9,20 €/Person depending if you go alone or as a group. Hannover is close to Hamburg, Osnabrück, Bremen, Bielefeld, Uelzen and so on, for example.

Please let me know if you are interested, and if this works out I would love to print us some personalized cards for the occasion. Much love to yall, hope to hear from you :slight_smile:


I’d love to participate. :slight_smile:


Hi - we are also interested (Thomas and Sabine). Is it right you chose a Friday at 12 lunchtime? For us this would mean we have to ask our employers to leave the office earlier… Thank you for confirming the date and merry Christmas:-)

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Yes thats right! But i was planning to stay some time there, like until 16, if that makes a difference for you. So you wouldnt have to rush to get there on time.

Thank you - please count us in. Thomas and I will try to come round and I will try to be there already at 12 lunchtime - thank you for organizing the meet-up :slight_smile: We will also try to design a meetup card. Many thanks and kind regards, Sabine

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count me in please!

Hello! We just tried to download the Postcrossing Logo to create a Meetup card. In the guidelines for the Postcrossing logo we saw that the Meetup must be registered here:Log in
Does anybody have experience in organizing a meetup and could please enter our meeting in this list?
Also: How can we find out if we shall print our meet up cards for other participants and how many?
It’s our first Postcrossing Meetup so we don’t have any experience in the organization, unfortunately.
Many thanks for your help and merry Christmas to all of us, Thomas and Sabine

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@mundoo will add the meetup to the calendar when she has time for it, given that the forum tread contains the needed details. If something is missing, she’ll most like ask for that to be added.

You can upload a preview of the postcard here and ask if people would like to order some, an how many they’d like.


please count me in. :slight_smile: I have to check next year if I can get a day off at work.
Is it possible to print my own meet up card?

I would also like to participate. Please put me on the list. :blush:

Count me in, please. Since I‘m located in the area, I‘d love to join in!

What about you, @vara81 ? Das wäre die perfekte Gelegenheit für ein Kennenlernen!

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Hello everyone!
The meetup is organized by Internet_Creep_SM and we are only participants. Therefore it is her authority to confirm participants and to order a table at a restaurant. We only created an option for a meetup card.

We are currently at the Teestübchen in Hannover and it is very nice and delicious but also very small. The waiter told me that reservations are only accepted for groups over 10 persons by email (please see picture below).

I hope Internet_Creep_SM will let us know about her plans for the meetup. What a wonderful idea to have it in Hannover…

My apologies for all the questions before. If help is required to find a bigger cafe or anything else please let me know.

Thank you and kind regards, Sabine

What about Brauhaus next to Marktkirche, @sabithos ?
We have been there two times and there is enough space for at least 20 people. :slight_smile: It was the place where I would organize a meet up spring 2023.

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Hi Moonlight!
Brauhaus sounds very good to me… :slight_smile: I also thought of the Gartensaal bistro inside the New City Hall or the Mövenpick at the Kröpcke.

Whatever, I am afraid we might hurt our Organisator as the meetup was her idea and she is in the lead. (Although we only try to help and support)

Maybe we better wait a while for her to give us her opinion?

Many many thanks and kind regards - von Herzen alles Liebe - Sabine

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I’d like to join the meet up as well, please put me on the list :smiley:

Interested People

  1. Me
  2. Frewen - interested
  3. Sabithos (Thomas & Sabine)
  4. Millefolia
  5. Moonlight1978
  6. Klara11er
  7. Dororose
  8. Dackelerna

Hey! I added you guys to the list. Thank you for the contribution, that’s very cool! I like making cards as well, would you mind if I brought my own too?

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I added you to the list. I also wanted to make some cards, so I think it’s totally ok for you to print some of your own too!

I added you to the list!

Added to the list!

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