Handwriting Chinese Adresses - The Easy Way :)

I have the same worrying when I write English words in print. :smiling_face_with_tear:


@xiehuaihan - welcome to the forum! According to the forum guidelines, English is the forum language. Other languages are only permitted in #communities and #meetups. Could you please translate what you wrote in Chinese, so that everyone can understand it?

This is a really good idea. I’ll have to try it out next time! I usually just freehand the address (I think I have only ever printed and pasted an address once and wasn’t keen on it), but my problem is fitting in all of the smaller details of a character (“dots and dashes” for lack of a better term). Usually the address starts off small and gets bigger as I write, haha. This might be my solution!

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I use a labelwriter. Mine wouldn’t use a foreign alphabet like mandarin Chinese. However! I always make a print screen because my Dymo labelwriter can still print images. So I go to the address, zoom in on the maximum on my browser, press print screen, copy in paint and then copy the paint copy in to the printer program. It sounds like a lot of work but it’s all done in under a minute.

Oh, if you don’t have Carbon paper, you can buy a Thermal sensitive printer

Self-adhesive printing paper is cheap and convenient

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I may try this method…but I usually print because I am concerned that my postcards actually reach their destinations :slight_smile:

I tried this some time ago. Not for the address, but for the salutation.

I could not see any difference between my “cheat attempt” and the name in the provided (and printed) address. I also let my husband look over it, just to be sure.

But it seems that I made a line too short or too long or whatever somewhere, because the recipient pointed out to me that his name was not spelled correctly. :woman_shrugging:

Therefore I will print out the address in Chinese letters again - I’ll be better on the safe side and wouldn’t offend anyone :wink:

I have sent mails to China just copying the text with my hand, many have reached successfully :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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@xiehuaihan and @Watermelonstation
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