Handmade RR

I’m new to Round Robins! I’d like to join but need a little guidance! Can someone help?

Hi @smgiovannetti, you can read an explanation here: How do Round Robins work?

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@clouisesz sent me this wonderful card made from Christmas paper :slight_smile: also a wonderful idea to use used wrapping paper! I’m going to use your idea :smiley: Thank you very much :slight_smile:

If you have any question on this RR you can always write me a message :slight_smile:

Thank you for directing me here! Evidently I need some guidance on how these forums work too🤦🏻‍♀️. I am too young to be so bad with technology! Lol!

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If you like to, you can read the Forum user guide. . It has all the basic information.

Or you could just ask if there are more questions.

I would like to join group #557 & #561. I’ll Send over my address.

I would like to join #562, Christmas, and #565, no theme.

Also – a suggestion: can we have a tea themed group? (Handmade cards featuring teas, teacups, tea parties etc.) Another suggestion: cards made with rubber stamped images somewhere on the card?

Can I please join 561, 562 and 568 please?

506 received all, thanks


506 is complete now :slight_smile:

Welcome here @smgiovannetti :tada: :tada:

Addresses sent for 557 and 562
And asked for opinions on 561

Thank you for all of your group ideas!

Unfortunally I need to economize a little at the moment. I hope to join many groups again soon :heart_eyes:

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I received 2 awesome, wonderful cards :heart_eyes:

#550 @Artbat sent me this great fortune telling card. And I love the fortune cookie :sweat_smile:

#562 @reisegern sent me this great Christmas card. And look at the back! It’s as beautiful as the front :heart_eyes:

Thank you very much!
My for 562 will be sent today.


@taebbig sent me her wonderful interpretation of #5 - “high five”.
Thanks a lot, it’s once again a lovlely piece of artwork from you :slight_smile:

I’d like to make a suggestion for the gallery:

After finishing the upload of the photo you can change a little bit of the picture code in order to show who the picture was made by: Just delete the numbers or whatever information your camera gives for the file name between [ and | and replace it with the sender’s name as I did in the example shown:


Then everyone who looks at pictures in the gallery can find out who the cardmaker is :slight_smile:

This shouldn’t be compulsory though - only an idea to use for those who feel comfortable “hacking” the code a litte.


I just added this sentence in the top section of the gallery:
If you don’t want to scroll a lot for finding the “edit” button, press “# 4” on your keyboard and then scroll just a little upwards. There it is :slight_smile:
@taebbig: Please delete if you prefer not to have it there.

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#555 I received this cute card with :five: dogs from @littleredtamale.
Thanks! :dog: :dog2: :guide_dog: :service_dog: :dog:


Cards for #553 sent :grinning:

With the coming lockdown and the Christmas holidays around the corner I’m going to have plenty of time to make cards. And since I find that this pastime is a great distraction from Covid worries I would like to join the following groups:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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RECEIVED: Lovely cut snowflakey card from EttaHenry. Thank you and I will look up your blog.
SENT: #553, Bottle or Food Labels

Please add me to Self-Portrait, #574. Thanks.

Hanukkah Sameach to all who are lighting candles this week.


Addresses sent for 561 and 565

And welcome here @wurzelsofie :tada: :tada:

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I changed the gallery a bit. I think it’s clearer now and you don’t need to click through each group to see if there are new photos uploaded.
I love looking at all those cards :heart_eyes: