Handmade RR

@clouisesz Thank you so much! I was about to ask the same question.

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RECEIVED: #525 (Weather) from Knit - it got forwarded, yay! It’s a meticulously pieced sunflower - that took a lot of patience. Thanks, Knit!

Thank you so much, @clouisesz! This is very helpful. If there is a “quick tips” sheet from those who designed this new forum, I haven’t found it, so your info is appreciated-- as is your offer to help in future! Best wishes!

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Handmade RR # 558 Christmas - all cards have been sent. :smiley:

Sent 555, 556, 558 and 551.

There is a Forum user guide that has a lot of information for the start :slight_smile:

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My cards for Group #558 are traveling!

SENDING on Monday 12/7: Group #559, Paper Cutting.
I’ve tried adding a photo to the Gallery for “Winter”, but although I think I’m doing it correctly, it didn’t work.

Received my first card for #556 winter today with a cute penguin :star_struck:. Thank you very much @Artbat

Cards for #556 will be mailed tomorrow.

I’ll take at look at it when I’m doing the next update.

I received a new card im the group 547 “Books” from @rhore3. Thank you!

I sent all my cards for RR 559 (Paper Cutting) a couple of days ago. I thought I posted the update here but now I don’t see it. In any case, they have all been mailed!

I sent all cards for the group 547 and 549 today

May I join group #553 please :grinning:.

I’d like to join #565 (No Theme), please.

Some ideas from another group I’m in -
Fire and Ice
Silvery Moon
Monster Under the Bed
What I Saw From My Window

I received comics card with “Owly” from @malozing, group 537.
Unfortunately, the image is unstuck and lost. But I find picture in the Net :frowning: I like this character! Thank you so much for your interesting story!

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I gave it a try. Strange. That’s what I see when posting your image URL:

(![20201201_161532|340x340](upload://yXzbxnkrOsljQcrb6dSA8xiLG7J.jpeg) )

Could you try to upload the picture again? It might be easier if you upload it to a normal post first and then copy the image URL to the gallery.

I am sorry that the drawing got lost!

Rec’d #558 and #559
@EttaHenry, I really like your work. It’s so fun and I appreciate all the work you put into both of these lovely cards. Thank you so much. I agree the black and white didn’t need a sticker. It does make it bold the way it is.