Guessing Game - Puzzle Picture

Hey there, let‘s try a game I haven‘t found here yet.

I know it from TV shows for children where you can see a small part of an object and slowly it zooms out while you try to guess what it is. Should work with postcards too?

How it should work:
So there should be a host taking a picture of an object shown on a postcard that they want to offer for the lottery. On most phones or other devices there should be a simple way to cut out big parts of the picture so that the guessing can start with a small part of the original picture.
While everyone tries to guess the host can comment and upload more and more parts of the photo that show a bigger picture of the original or other parts of the object to give the guessers hints. the person who names the object correctly first, wins the card, can choose if they want to receive it written and stamped or in an envelope (if possible) and hosts the next round with a new picture.


  • Please guess only with one reply and then wait till someone else takes a turn so that everyone gets a chance to guess and noone runs along on an ego guessing spam trip. So there should be always a guess from another person between your turns.

  • Please do not edit your guess reply several times that breaks the flow of the game. Just wait and take another turn with a new guess when you got a better idea

  • Please share your adress with the winner with a private message and not in the thread

So let‘s start. Just scroll down and hit the reply button on the right or under the thread if you got an idea.


What is it?

A train?


Oil well deep pump

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OK you nailed it right with the first blow. Thanks for that. Thats good for demonstration purposes I guess. :grimacing: :hugs: You want to send me your adress and host a new round?


Wow! I thought for sure my answer was a long shot! I’ll send my address in and go find a postcard to use for this lottery.

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Ok, here is the next postcard:

a cap?

Not even close :joy:! Should I reply to everyone’s guess? Or just when someone gets it correct?

Oh this sounds so fun! Great idea @Tull !

is it a fish?

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I would say: as you like. the host can choose how to act. just have fun with the others

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blood orange

A duck


some kind of shell?

A bigger photo:

A flower

Clam shell

a donut