Greetings from the Fairy Tale King

OFFER these postcards from Bavarian Fairy Tale King Ludwig II


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UPDATE 06.04.21


Hi Stephan,
I’d be interested in doing a swap for the Gruss aus Munchen card.if still available.

I live outside of Philadelphia in the US and can offer a postcard of our Independence Hall, a UNESCO site, where the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were debated and approved. Also have other collections but from your list of favorites, it seems less likely you’d be interested, but here goes - a drawing of our Liberty Bell with a ribbon saying, “Your voice and your vote matter”, antique quilts, retro Vogue magazine covers (women’s fashion) from any decade back to the 1890s, or furniture or crafts made at the Wiener Werkstatte in the earlier years of the 20th century.

Let me know if any of these interest you for a swap.

I love hiking too, but haven’t found any good postcards of those - though I am thinking I might be able to make postcards from photos I’ve taken on various hikes.

Best regards,

Good morning dear Nancy,

thanks for your message.

I’m interested to swap.

The card you want is still available.

Do you have a picture from the postcard with the Independance Hall ?

I like to photograph too and I’m interested to see some of your photos from your
various hikes.

Best wishes from Bavaria



The Independence Hall pic is

The Liberty Bell pic is

I have tons of hiking pictures but here are a few favorites:

This one’s from hiking the Appalachian Trail, which goes from Maine (northern US) to Georgia (southern US) - this view is in western Massachusetts.

This one’s from hiking around Valley Forge last spring (Valley Forge is a historic site where the American troops wintered in 1777-8 during our Revolutionary War, and where your Baron von Steuben joined our troops and made quite a difference to the war effort). Anyway, in spite of the area’s importance as a war camp, it is now a tranquil and beautiful National Park.

Would love to see some of your hiking photos too!

Best regards,

Good evening dear Nancy,

thanks so much for those lovely pictures.

I want to see more, and I sent you some two…but I think its better to sent the pictures to your
mailaddress, if you like to share it with me…mine is

I’d like to get the postcard with the Independance Hall and I’ll sent you the " Gruss aus München"
card…Deal ?

This is my address:

Stephan Edinger
Strengenbergstr. 17a
90607 Rückersdorf

And yours ?

Have a nice day


Deal! Too late for today’s mail but I will get it out in tomorrow’s mail.

Nancy Boxer
2414 Hirst Terrace
Havertown, PA 19083
United States of America