[Giveaway] Lots of blank cards! (bye Postcrossing)

So I have unfortunately stopped with postcrossing (various reason, but most of all because of time and space :slightly_frowning_face:). However, over the years I have collected and bought over hundreds and hundreds of postcards of various themes that I had planned to one day send through postcrossing. As I am moving in a few months and will need to empty everything, it would be a shame to throw them all away :slightly_frowning_face:

So I wanted to offer them instead to others who will hopefully appreciate them and have fun!

I will be able to send cards to about 10 people from the start. To keep the envelope/stamp weight, it’ll be between 7-10 cards. Perhaps next month, I can do it again and send to more people!

Because I have so many themes, please write a couple of topics you appreciate cards of and I will try to pick out cards you’ll like. You can also write topics you don’t want to get. I can’t promise anything however so it’ll be a surprise!

Some themes I have plenty of: city/country-related cards (Sweden. I have a couple from Bosnia and UK though if you want), royalty, animals, nature, art, maxi-cards, culture, history, food, recipes etc. If you don’t write anything, I’ll just pick random cards :slight_smile:

All the cards will be sent blank. If you want me to write on one card, let me know!
Only the envelope (unless you want a maxicard) will be stamped.
They will be sent from Sweden :sweden:.


edit: WOW, I’m a little overwhelmed by the response! I’m going through them now and will do my best to send cards to as many as I can. It will take time however. If I can’t send to everyone, I’m sorry :frowning:


Thank you for this kind offer! Sorry to see you go, but there are so many things we as people can do, no need to spend time on some things that take too much do your time/money. Would you like other to PM you or will you message us? I like the topics sci-fi, fantasy, plants.

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Thank you for the wonderful offer. I sent a PM with details.

Thank you for this kindness. Sorry you gotta leave but its always there should your circumstances change.


Of course! Just send me the info through private message :heart:

Thank you so much! I would love to receive some cards! Random is great, happy to be surprised!

Thank you very much for your offer !

Thank you for the offer. I sent you PM.

Thanks for your generous offer, pm sent! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer! I love animals and nature!

I’am possibly the 10th person and the last one for your kind offer, am I ? Sent PM.

If not, I would be happy if I could also get one envelope because I love surprises :slight_smile: Please tell me, if I missed the 10th by a minute :slight_smile:
I love animals, nature, art, maxi-cards, history, food, recipes etc

Thanks for your offer.
I sent PM

Oh, thank you for you kind offer! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: PM sent!

I could take the city/country related cards if there aren’t takers for those, but it seems like there are no shortage of willing people to help you to get rid of the cards :slight_smile:

Sad to see you go, there aren’t many of us Sweden Postcrossers left, but I know the feeling. Have been on-off the Postcrossing myself too :confused:

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Hi, Thank you for your offer. I will send you PM.

I’ve sent a message. Thank you for the offer. :blush:

If you’re doing it again next month or so, I’m willing to help you getting rid of more cards. :smiley:
I’d be happy with royalty, wild animals, nature (esp. waterfalls), maxi-cards. (Single views preferred.)
Best wishes, Mindee

I’d be also happy to get some cards!
I mostly like science cards, history, food or animals. That’s a really generous offer! Thank you!

Sorry you’re leaving. :frowning:

Whenever you have some cards left, I like maxicards, birds (chickens! :heart_eyes:), science, nature, Sweden.
Please no religious postcards.

Thank you very much for your generosity :pray: