Giveaway #7: UK Ad cards - free to UK postcrossers


Yesterday I bought a batch of ad postcards.
After going through them, I found some UK/UK adjacent ad cards.

Would be happy to send them out to UK Postcrossers!

Please note that there is some age to them so there may be age spots/yellowing etc

Due to postage costs, I will be sending them via surface mail - so it might take two months or more to reach you.

I don’t need anything in return but I would appreciate if you’ll drop a message here upon receipt.

If you’re interested, please leave a message in this thread and fill in this form
Item Request Form

Please note that both steps have to be completed to claim an envelope. If you just fill in the form without commenting here, or comment here without filling in the form, you will not get the envelope

I can send out 6 envelopes, each weighing ~50g.



:mailbox: - mailed
:white_check_mark: - received

  1. RyanR :mailbox: (Mailed out 20 Feb 2024, arrived 28 Feb 2024)
  2. hst43277 :mailbox: (Mailed out 21 Feb 2024, arrived 29 Feb 2024)
  3. JustJo :mailbox: (Mailed out 25 Feb 2024, received 8 March 2024)

Please fill this as the forum link in the Google Form:
UK Ad cards - free to UK postcrossers

Thank for your kind offer, form filled out :slight_smile:

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Kindly ignore my submission!:sweat_smile:

Filled in the form thank you !!!

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Thank you! Form complete :blush:

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My postcards arrived yesterday, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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That is surprisingly fast considering it was surface mail!
I think it might have been taken as airmail :rofl::rofl:

Hope you like the cards!

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My postcards have arrived! Thank you for the lovely selection, and a love your wax seal!!

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Thanks for letting me know. I’m starting to think that the postal clerk had a good day and upgraded all the surface mail to airmail
It’s way too fast for surface mail!