GF Series Requests/Exchange (I’m in Spain)

Hi~ I just started collecting the GF Series.
Here is my list
I can offer GF SPAIN and others post cards, here is part of my postcards:

My album link

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I have GF USA if you are interested. I also have MOTW USA and California, Loupaper California.

I have GF S.Korea🙂

I have GF Philippines :grinning: :grinning:

DM sent, I have GF Germany and Berlin :relaxed:

Hi~☺️ yes im interesting in the GF USA

DM sent :blush:

Hi~ :slight_smile:DM sent


I can help with GF belgium.


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Hi~ DM sent :blush:

Hey! do you need GF Russia? Or maybe FOTW or MOTW :slight_smile:

:blush: still active